November 2015

9 Sept Max: I feel like a Christian in modern times.
Me: Why is that?
Max: The burden on my back (I was going to Bible study and he was carrying all his school books in his backpack).

Jack said, “I want snow time.” (He has continuted to ask for this, and now that we’re wearing jackets and coats he keeps saying “Winter time! Snow!” I keep telling him to pray and ask God for snow…God’s the one who makes it snow.

11 Sept Jack can’t say, “Pjs are for sleeping.” He’s been getting dressed all by himself, including picking out his clothes…so he’s been wearing a lot of pjs lately. I told him to say “Pjs are for sleeping” to differentiate from ‘day-time clothes’ and he just couldn’t get his tongue around those words. Sometimes it surprises me how much trouble he still has even repeating what I say at 8 years old. If I say it super slowly pausing with every 2 or 3 words he can repeat it, but if I say that exact sentence in normal cadence he can’t get it out right.

26 Sept Me: Why didn’t you just tell your friends you were making waffles instead of playing with them?
Max: Cause I didn’t want them to get jealous. I’m just joking.

1 Oct Max got an inhaler refill. She said use 2 puffs before mowing grass, and 4-6 puffs after as needed. Also, he needs to wear a mask while mowing.

3 Oct Started out wonderfully…I read in bed till 11am, I only had to get up three times to fix Jack up with some breakfast and his learning DVD. After lunch Dan McC came by to weed eat…
Max hit Jack in the head with a shovel, Max hit himself in the back of the head with a hammer, Jack pulled the water hose out from under the porch and had to thread it all back through, and I discovered that the water leak is real and it’s on our side. Ugh. When I kiss Jack (out of the shower and clean now) he says, “Poor Jack” in a truly pitiful quavery voice, I think his head hurts. About the water leak: Friday night around 9pm I went out for a walk and saw a paper on our porch. Turns out the water company came by that Monday and left a note saying they thougt we had a leak. Max had been out on our porch almost every day that week and never brougt that paper in or even told me about it. The water guy came out Sat and said it was our responsibility to take care of. Ugh. I don’t want to be an adult.

Just found 2 old emails and just in case I never put the info here, here goes:

1/18/14 Jack’s speech has really taken off! He’s eating breakfast and just said to me “Hey Mama, Jack yucky hand”!!! (His hand was dirty and he wanted it wiped off.)

3/2/14 To J’s teacher L Schneider: What are y’all reading that goes ‘Shadow, poor Shadow. For Pete’s sake!’?? Jack’s been repeating that all weekend!

6 Oct I’m playing ‘Voice of Truth’ now while J and I finish up some school…he’s singing that tune, but the words are “…down slide…party Rachel…green down slide…humming…party Rachel…”

12 Oct Max: “Part of my prod-i-cure of taking a shower is getting clothes.” Procedure.

2 Nov Jack randomly stood up in his co-op class and pulled his pants down!!!

3 Nov Jack threw the ball over the fence and their dog barked and barked. After 5 minutes someone there threw it back over and Jack said, “Thank you, dog.”

In the last 6 months or so he’s taken to saying, “Thank you sir” whenever he thinks the need arises. It’s never very often, and it always takes me by surprise.

He’s really starting to try to make full sentences, and trying to use the word ‘are’ properly. Yesterday he said, “It’s too heavy” about a pumpkin he was carrying. And he’s said, “my are socks”; but he’s also used ‘are’ correctly sometimes with pants or socks. He’s still really hit-or-miss about you/I and mine/your. He’s making an effort and noticing, though.

3 Nov At the pool store I realized he was saying O-P-E-N. The sign was backwards but he was reading it in the correct order. I asked him what it said and he said, “O-P-E-N, nipple”!

11 Nov talked to the Preacher about sneakyness.

While we were eating once Max came out with these three things that made me laugh:
Will turner burped 10 seconds straight, and drank a bunch of hot sauce out of his ice cream cone.
I wish your will said if you die while I’m young I could live with Aunt Kelly cause she lets me watch all that TV.
Do you think you could really cut your hand off with a sword?

7 Nov Here’s why J is so hard. He wants to go outside. I tell him get your shoes on and you can go. He goes to his shoes and after a minute I hear him fussing. I call him back after a bit of fussing and ask what’s wrong. He just gives me one word replies…most of the time I can figure it out…but only because I usually know what’s going on in his world. He tells me wet and outside…I tell him a couple of times to go put his shoes on and he can go outside. He finally goes to the back door and tries to open it so I get up and then see that his shoes were left outside last night. This took so much longer than if when I’d asked where his shoes were he would have told me outside.

When you ask Jack what a chicken says he says “Cock a bok!! Bok a bok!!!” etc etc etc and dies laughing. Probably because we’re all dying laughing by that point.

M/J and I came home from church one Sunday and I was making lunch. J went to the bathroom and then I told him to go sit to eat. After I finished my meal and was putting stuff away I noticed J’s pants/uw on the floor right outside the bathroom. I walked over to his seat where he was still eating and yep, he was sitting there with just a shirt and his socks on and was almost finished with his lunch. Some parenting!!!

19 Nov J flooded the upstairs bath again, 3rd time. I sent him up Wednesday night after church to take a shower after Max. He can do a good-enough job on his on with everything but fixing the water temp, so Max did that part. After he was done we heard the water running still so Tj told him to turn that water off and get to bed. He did. The next morning when Tj went up there the floor in the bathroom was wet and the sink was full…we think it was the sink we were hearing, not the shower. I checked downstairs and there was water pooled on the floor at the laundry room door like before. There are also new stains over the built-in armoire, the movable armoire, in the guest bath downstiars, the library bag got damp, the floor in the pantry was soaked. Over the next few days I’ve noticed the doorjamb in the bathroom is swollen, the baseboard in the living room is swollen and cracked away from the wall, etc. And what makes me really sick is I kept smelling what I thougt was poo, but turns out it was musty/mold smell!!!!!!!!!! I made J sit and watch while I cleaned up…the cabinets under that sink were flooded, all the rolls of toilet paper were swollen, the humidifier was flooded, the drawers had standing water in them. It was a nightmare. After I took care of that and got M set up with school I bought 3 doughnuts and ate them while doing school with Jack. There, I showed them!! After we realized what we were smelling we put a fan directly on the carpet for several days. I’ve been gone all day and don’t smell that smell, so I’m praying it’s drying out enough for us not to have to worry about it. Please, God!

21 Nov Max opened the door while J was going to the bathroom and found him squatting on the toilet!! What am I going to do with that kid!!??

23 Nov J went to 1-day sports camp and M and I had a date! I told M he could have $5 to spend, and I’d buy him some clothes at Goodwill…for the last few months he’s been asking for more name-brand clothes. He shopped and picked out a few things and ended up with a skull shirt and sports pants. He didn’t even pick anything out of the toy area…that’s a first for him! Next we went to an Arabic grocery store and I got a handful of things including zaatar to dip my bread in. We stopped at Dollar General for him, and then went on to the mall. I gave him some choices for lunch, but he’s not an adventurous eater so we had the Crazy Hibachi for lunch. We went to Books-A-Million and saw tons of stuff we both wanted to buy, but I bought some many-sided-dice for J’s school and a disposable fountain pen for me. We went to another Goodwill and I got a corduroy jacket and a b/w skirt with a cute print. M only had $4 left (he’d spent one on the claw machine and then griped so much when he [surprise] didn’t win) and of course he found a gun he wanted that was $5. He asked if he could ask them if they’d take $4 for it and I said yes, but this isn’t that kind of place so don’t be surprised if they don’t go for it. He asked me to come with him but I wouldn’t. It took a lot of shenanigans because he couldn’t find the woman the first woman told him to look for but eventually he came to me with the biggest smile on his face. When we checked out the lady there complimented him so much on his manners and said that’s why they let him have it for $4. When he asked them about it a guy there gave him $2 in quarters, and then he found $1 on the floor which no one claimed! He thinks it’s his lucky day! I hope it is…he entered a drawing at the mall for $1,000 and then he stopped about 20 steps away and said we should pray that we win it, so we did. After Goodwill we stopped next door at Dollar Tree and he blew his $3 on candy and then we went to pick up Jack. We came home and played outside for an hour and then went to the library for chess club (our 3rd time there). Max won against Mr. Robert 2x (with R’s help) and lost 3x. We stayed till they closed at 7pm, came home, ate and boys are upstairs now. What a day! What a good day.