September 2015

Tues 18 Aug – We went to the new library and that afternoon J got sick. I was reading on my bed and he came and laid his head on my arm and it was burning up! His temp was only almost 101, but he wasn’t running around as much as usual.

Wed – Gmom came in around 10am

Thur – Max started his new young coders class, and that night we went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus!! We had such an awesome time. It’s so amazing to see the acrobats, and the guys riding the motorcycles in the sphere were breath-taking! At one time they had 3 motorcycles in there; another time they had 2 and a girl standing a the bottom that they rode around. That sphere was barely big enough for them all! Another part I really enjoyed was all the basketball players on unicycles; they looked so graceful! But our first shocker of the night wast the $20 parking! Grandmom brought her handicap tag, but that didn’t make any difference, we all exclaimed several times how expensive it was. :-) We’d just gone the week prior to the yearly church baseball game and chuckled once again that the first parking you see for that is $10, then $5, but if you wait till the parking associated with the ball field it’s $3!

Fri – We had a birthday party for Gmom and Tj (I made Too Much Chocolate cake with walnuts per Gmom’s request) , then Tj packed to leave.

Sat – Tj left, and we lazed around all weekend.

Sun – Gmom and J stayed home, his temp was spiking to 102 (twice) and 103 (once).

Mon – J and I went to the doc. She said it was probably viral but if left long enough it would turn bacterial. His ears were looking a little bad too, getting infected. We got some antibiotics, pain meds and more medicine for his spots under his nose. By this time his symptoms were occasional spiking of a fever, napping, not jumping as much (but not laying around all day yet), decreased appetite and a cough. I should’ve gotten cough syrup for him…by the time this whole ordeal was over we’d gone through the remainder of the cough syrup we already had (who knows when it expired) and another full bottle. He would be sound asleep and coughing. Poor bug!

Tue – J was on antibiotics for 24 hours so we all went to Chuck E Cheese. That morning before we’d said anything to the boys Gmom, Jack and I were having breakfast. At one point I asked J to bring the little vacuum and clean up around his chair; he did that happily. When I told him to put up the vacuum he balked obstinately. I told him to do it now and that I was getting his breakfast. Only after I’d threatened him (one more time?) did he go to put it up. I had my back to him and then I heard a crash! I stormed over to him (knowing he’d “dropped it” as he often does when he doesn’t want to comply) and told him in a super stern/loud voice to pick it up and put it on the shelf! Then I walked with him over to his chair where he sat. I told him to stand up on his chair so I could hug him…he was looking contrite. He started looking wobbly all over. I couldn’t tell if he really didn’t have the strength to stand or if he was just balking again. I finally helped him up and then hugged him, but he started really coughing. After a couple of seconds he started acting like he was going to throw up! He was really gagging and heaving. I sarcastically said ‘great, if he throws up I’m gonna feel like it’s because I yelled at him!’ and Gmom said something like ‘there’s no way you could’ve known it, but I think he accidentally dropped the vacuum, he didn’t throw it down in anger’. Awesome. He gagged a few times, and when it got even more serious sounding I rushed him to the toilet. He continued gagging and swallowing it down for a bit, but never actually expelled anything. After it was all over and he’d calmed down I brought him back to his chair and he was sooo pale! I really thought that anxiety had brought all of this on, but it wasn’t acting…I think you can worry yourself sick enough to throw up, but I don’t think you’d be that pale in the process! Things calmed down after that; he ate a little, and proceeded to act like his old self all the way through Chuck E Cheese’s. When Max came down for breakfast I told him to hurry and eat/dress so we could go somewhere. Instead of just talking it over with me he proceeded to scrunch his face up to cry that he didn’t want to go anywhere! I had had it with the emotions that morning! I told him to keep his face just like that I was going to take a picture of him! I found my phone and took a pic and said, “This is how you look when you do that. This is how you look when I tell you we’re going to Chuck E Cheese’s. If Gmom wasn’t here we definitely wouldn’t go, but I’ve already told her we’re going so get your stuff done so we can go.” Well that really brought on the tears; now he full-on cried in embarrassment that he’d cried about CEC’s. He apologized after a while and all was well. We had a good time at CEC (except for J pooping his pants…the antibiotics were starting to get him since he was hardly eating).

Wed – Gmom left

Fri – Jack pooped in his bed and was just laying there curled around it. I told him to stand up by me so I could clean him. The poor boy wanted to hug me, but he was covered in poo! I told him to stand but he fussed and whined, he was also wobbly again…I’m just not sure how much was actual weakness and how much was acting. We went back and forth a few times and I got louder and sterner till he stood still so I could wipe him off. I finally got him clean enough that he walked downstairs and got in the shower. I never fussed at him for pooping his bed, just for not standing long enough for me to clean him off. After a minute or two in the shower he started heaving again! I could see him gagging and practically throwing up and then swallowing it back down! Again I thought it was because of stress/anxiety.

Sat – this morning he made it to the toilet and as he was sitting there he actually ‘threw up’ a bit. I think now that he just has such congestion and doesn’t know to spit it out that it manifests as vomit. Poor bug!

Sun – Tj came back around 9pm.

Mon – We started school and Max started his Monarch placement test. I promised to make 2 meals for a family of 9 Tuesday, and 2 Friday.

Tue – 10am Tj left, I grocery shopped and cooked like a fool (pinto beans, rice, cornbread, asian coleslaw and cherry fluff; meal two was stir fry, quinoa, bagged salad, bottled dressing and a chocolate cake. I was 5 minutes late showing up and hadn’t frosted the cake, but I brought them the frosting).

Wed – Tj came back, sick as a dog

Fri – The boys and I checked out Huff n Puff gym…Max is going to start taking gymnastics every Friday morning! Jack can play on the trampolines and in the foam pit while M is exercising! I can read! Win win win! We came home at lunch and I cooked again (double batch of jambalaya, bagged salad and marshmallow frosted brownies; meal two was chicken enchiladas, pasta salad, no bake cookies).

Sat 5 Sept – Tj left at 7:30am, and then again at noon. Crazy airline sent him a message when we were 3/4 of the way to the airport saying his flight was delayed. The thing is they found out it would be delayed at 10pm the night before…why didn’t they let him know then?

6 Sept – Jack was napping with me and as he rolled over and was waking up he said ‘ironing board’ twice. That kid makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

When Tj’s gone I’ve taken to sleeping with the door open…I like being able to hear Jack, although that’s not always a boon. He came downstairs yesterday morning at 3:30am to get in my bed! I love snuggling with him, but I sent him back up. That’s not a habit I want to encourage!

Speaking of snuggling, since he’s been sick he’s been even more of a Mama’s boy. He’s taken a 3-hour nap almost every day, and the days I thought he wouldn’t want to nap he’s fallen asleep on the couch around 4 or 5 pm! When we snuggle down for a nap he’s sooooo sweet! And even when we’re not napping he gives me lots more kisses than usual, and the usual was already a pretty high number!

This morning he got up at 6, went to the bathroom, and started playing in the guest room with the noise machine. When I called his name he shut the door! Hardhead!

Life has been crazy these last couple of weeks. Here’s a little of what’s been going on:

Max randomly asked me if pepper spray was just an old fashioned taser.

Max and I have really started playing cards a lot. One day while we were playing and Jack was playing by himself with a flashlight Max said that he wished Jack didn’t have DS because then they could play a lot together. I said I completely understood what he meant, but to be sure that he never said anything like that once Jack was able to understand; we would never want Jack to have his feelings hurt or feel bad that he has DS. Max immediately started crying so hard and said “I would never want Jack to think I didn’t love him!” He was so upset! I hugged him and we talked a bit. He loves his brother so much! He’s an awesome big brother.

I told Mom what I was putting in J’s smoothie these days and her laughter prompted me to write it down: 3 ice cubes of stir fry I had leftover, oatmeal, an ultra ripe banana, peanuts, ice, water, milk, vanilla protein powder and a spoon of chocolate chips. I think that was all. I didn’t finish all of the stir fry before Tj came home from a trip, but I hated to throw it out, so I froze it. I tasted the smoothie after I mixed it up and it tasted fine, but it stunk to high heaven! Jack drank it through a straw so the smell didn’t get to him. I told Mom he deserved my deviousness after all the stubbornness I have to put up with him!

14 Aug Jack called me stupid! He was being fussy about putting up the utensils which has been a chore of his for about a year now. I held him gently by both shoulders and was telling him to stop being fussy. He said ‘stupid’…kinda muttery, but definitely not under his breath. I said ‘What is stupid?’ and he tapped me on the arm with the spoon he was holding!!!! I absolutely couldn’t hold it in…I smirked! It was all I could do not to fall down laughing! Then he smirked!! But I can’t have him calling people stupid! So I mustered up all the seriousness I could and glared at him and told him to NEVER call me stupid! He immediately looked like he would cry. I put his spoons down and walked him to the bed and snuggled with him. Crazy kid!!!

16 Aug was promotion Sunday at church. I took Jack to his new teacher and tried to keep the monologue about him to a minimum. I told her he could obey if she was stern with him blah blah blah. A quarter of the way through the G-lab song service someone came downstairs and said that Jack was missing! After making sure they were serious I ran up to his room to check. I started checking some rooms nearby, and went to the room he’d been in the week before, but then figured that any of those teachers would have told someone that Jack was in their room. I took off toward the commons thinking that someone should look outside, but that he’d likely stay inside so I didn’t have time to worry about that. I was telling everyone I saw that he was missing…practically everyone at church knows him, thankfully. When I’d made my way around the commons and up the stairs he likes to go up I was close to Tj so I popped my head in the tech room to tell him. I was sooooo out of breath it took me a few minutes to say it. I wasn’t panicking, but I knew the sooner we found him the better; he can move so fast, and he has no fear of traffic, or getting lost, or much of anything, really. We started heading back towards his room and when we were halfway there someone said they found him! I don’t even remember if I hugged him, but I had to see him to be sure. He was in the very room next door!! With his helper!!!!!! ARGH!!!! When I dropped him off his helper hadn’t been there…so I guess his helper just went into J’s room when he got there, and then followed J when J went out. Since he was with him he wasn’t worried about J, and the people in the room next door said that J had gone in their room the previous Sunday! I think his old teacher used to let him just go wherever he wanted to go though I asked her so many times to please keep him in his room. If they wouldn’t let another 8yo wander around and do whatever they want (which they don’t) then please could they not let J have the run of the place? I was really shaken up the rest of the day. I was never upset with his teacher; on the contrary I felt so bad for her because I’m sure she felt like dirt!

One day Max was downstairs playing and it was after 7am and Jack hadn’t come down yet. When I asked Max about it he said he’d changed Jack’s clock so he wouldn’t know it was time to come down! Stinker!

3 Sept Max said, “I wish there were no laws…….then you could just shoot random people, but I would only shoot people I really didn’t like.” Sometimes I worry about this kid!