May 2015

Here’s my backlog of blogging:

An infuriating thing about Jack is whenever I tell him to do something or go get something, he either stomps his foot and fusses, or he changes the subject as slowly and “politely” as possible. I said to Jack, “Go get me a kleenex” and he immediately said, “Mama,” in a super-slow voice, and then he just waits for me to say, “What?” and then he changes the subject. I guess I need to nip that quickly!

Max said, “Don’t you think it’s kinda weird that I can sing opera at the age of 10? I think its even more surprising that I can sing in a lady’s voice!” and, “Why aren’t you surprised when I tell you cool stuff that I can do?” I don’t really know what to say to that last one (or any of them, really).

We were all in the living room and out of the blue Max says, “In Max’s circle, pants are for squares!!” and took his pants off!! What a crazy kid! He really makes me laugh often.

Jack calls ice “mice”. I guess it’s because we always say, “Do you want some ice?”

13 Feb Jack read “You are the best”. Max wrote this sign and it’s been hanging from Tj’s mirror for a few years. I think it’s amazing that Jack could read Max’s handwriting, and that he has the desire to read things that are around him! I really hope he has a love of reading like the rest of us.

15 Feb was a hard day. I woke up to the sound of J hitting the glass shower door upstairs. Later I sent him out to eat while I finished up in the kitchen. I think he spit up every pancake he ate! I finally took the rest of his pancakes away and gave him a banana and peanuts for breakfast. Ugh! Later he unplugged Momee’s fan and it took me forever to get it to start again. (He’s been on a spitting up streak this week…three times.)

18 Feb The Jones girls have come over a few times for Friday Funday. When I told Max they were gonna miss one Funday Max said, “I hope an amazing change of events happens and the Jones girls can come over again.”

25 Feb Amy gave me several gallon ziploc bags full of letter stickers and Jack has been playing with them for fine motor exercises. This morning while in the drive through for doughnuts he read aloud the OPEN letters on the building; I helped him sound the word out and he read it. After we ate doughnuts while playing with the stickers he actually spelled OPEN!! That’s a first!

4 March Jack knows how to open medicine bottles now!

5 March I said I was gonna put lotion on Jack’s cheeks cause they were red and he said green. I said your cheeks are green? and he said yes’m. Cheeky!

I asked him to put his socks and shoes on because it was almost time to go to church. I checked on him a few minutes later and then spent several minutes searching for his second sock. Finally I gave up and got him another pair. While helping him put those on because now we were barely on time I saw that he put both socks on one foot. Sometimes I feel like I can’t win!

9 March Jack sprayed his nose spray all up the mirror less than an hour after I’d cleaned it.

14 March The day of Rebekah’s BD pool party at (2:30pm) both boys came downstairs at 7:30am with their swimsuits on!!
Same day Jack touched the griddle while Max was making pancakes. It was red and I could see the outline of the rim in his hand, but it never bubbled up and he didn’t cry. I know it hurt, but doesn’t seem to be bad, thankfully!!! We’ve told him many times that the stove’s hot, but I’ve seen him a few times (even while I’m cooking) say ‘hot’ and run his hand along the stove edge until he gets to the hot part. I wonder if he’s trying to learn what hot is?

15 March Jack says, “I want run please, Mama.” I said, “No.” He said aloud, “Ask Mama run.” “I want run please, Mama.” It’s always funny to hear him talk things through. I’ve heard him many times tell on himself by saying aloud, “No no, Jack! Spanking!” or, “Ohhhh noooo! Jaaaaack!” really slow and drawn out. It’s so funny, except that I then have to stop what I’m doing and go check on him.

At the BD party Max says a girl with yellow hair asked if Jack was adopted. Max said it was just like the girl who asked me questions about Jack at Harp’s. She was about 20 years old and worked there and we were chatting. I said we’d been cooped up at home with all the snow and she asked me if Jack “was adopted or something?” and then asked if Max had “anything”. I didn’t have my feelings hurt but it is amazing to me that someone that old didn’t realize that whole conversation was inappropriate to have with someone she didn’t really know.

21 March Jack was playing in the other room and saying “I’m ok!” like he was convincing himself of that fact.

I was talking to Max about not getting his feelings hurt by Caleb and asked what Caleb might generally do that would make Max mad. Max said that Caleb has called Max stupid, “and when I challenge him to a math duel he says “What Stupid?” I started laughing out loud and said that yes, that was mean, but it was also really funny. Caleb is such a punk and Max gets his feelings hurt too easily.

We went to get doughnuts (I know it sounds like we eat them a lot, but we don’t really) and Jack crawled like dog on his hands and feet all the way to the truck, barking all the way. Heh.

Max and I were reading the Bible and we heard a loud thump. Jack went down the stairs in laundry basket!

Max got food coloring and bottles for Easter to make colored pancakes. He burned a bottle on the griddle and came to tell me. When I saw it I just chuckled a little…the damage was done and there was no lasting harm besides the loss of the bottle. He chuckled a bit with a worried look on his face and then said “Why are we laughing?” The night before one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) cooked a chicken pot pie without removing the plastic lid…it shriveled up and made a strange lumpy blob on the pie that took us a few minutes to figure out what it was. LOL

30 March I took the boys to eat at Popeye’s. Max had his history book so he found a seat and started reading. Jack stayed with me while I tried to figure out what to order. There weren’t many people there and Jack was walking to the Coke machine and back just talking and singing…staying out of trouble. After I ordered and was paying I realized Jack wasn’t by the Coke machine! I had a moment of panic and then the girl said ‘He’s sitting right over there”. He’d gone to sit with the last girl who’d ordered who actually worked there. She had food and I’m sure he had some designs on her chicken! That boy’s gonna be the death of me yet!