February 2015

January 23rd, Friday: Jack said “Ax the blessin, mama” and “Sit with us!” to Tj while we were on the big brown chair. That’s the best sentences he’s done on his own ever!

That night Tj worked late. I was sound asleep when about 1:30am I heard what I thought was a kid running down the stairs. I jumped out of bed to go check and saw Tj in the upstairs bathroom. I asked if everything was alright and he said Jack was taking a bath. By himself! He’d just walked in from work and while walking through the laundry room (directly downstairs from the bathroom) he heard water dripping and there were puddles at the bottom of each side of the door frame! Apparently Jack got up in the night, he took off all of his clothes and put them in the dirty clothes basket, and then he had a fun, very splashy bath. The tub wasn’t overflowing, so he must’ve used the cup in the tub to pour water on the floor. Now that it’s been a few days and the water has evaporated we still have some ceiling paint that’s bulged out.

The next Sunday as he was waking up from his nap he sat straight up, kept his eyes closed and mumbled, “Down slide…….I want………flashlight.” and then he fell over again and slept a little bit more.

That night after church Tj took Max home and I had Jack. I walked to his side of the truck and closed the door after him and went around to my side and got in. He immediately said, “Fall down” while looking out of his window. He repeated it a couple of times, and when I went to look the DVD case had fallen out of the truck without me noticing! A few months ago he would have just grunted or whined until I (maybe) figured out what was wrong. And probably a year ago we would have just driven off without him making a sound at all. It always amazes me that with how smart he is in tons of ways, communication comes so so hard to him.

Monday Max said he was cartoonifying me. He said, “Sorry Mom, I have to make you a bit deranged…one of your legs is too big and your eyes are a little weird.”

I started keeping a potty chart again because it seemed like the accidents were accumulating. In the first 12 days of January he had 3 accidents. Then he had almost 2 full weeks of no accidents. Then last week he peed himself 5 times in 2 days! Ugh!! The last day, Wednesday, after that day’s accident he went to the bathroom by himself and said to himself “Potty on toilet, yes” in a very self-satisfied manner. He makes me laugh (when he’s not making me cry!) The crazy thing is pretty much every accident is at home. He did wet his pants at Amy’s once recently, but other than that it’s at home. We’ve even stopped bringing his bag into church.

Jack is in the 1st grade Sparks class and Mrs. Sue and I lead the class. One of the games we play is dodgeball. Any game with a ball (or a balloon for that matter) no matter what the rules are Jack gets the ball. I sometimes feel bad for his team because he’s in the circle with the other team throwing the balls in at them, and Jack grabs the first ball he can get and then throws it at his teammates…or whoever is near, honestly. It makes me laugh, but it wouldn’t be quite as funny if his teammates realized what he was doing.

Friday: I forget what I was talking about, but I said the word ‘sentimentality’. Max said “Yum!” I think he thought it had something to do with cinnamon.

Saturday Max made pancakes all by himself!

Sunday we had our 3rd annual Superbowl party. Everyone stayed late, and the boys went to bed around 10 pm. Jack woke up at 7am, and Max at 8. Max asked about the Oreo package in the kitchen and I told him to keep his paws off…there were 3 left and they were mine. Just about that time Jack sauntered in and there was a black ring around his mouth!! I was worried! I asked him what he’d eaten and he said, “Cookie”. An actual answer to my question! I had to ask him a few times and a few different ways but he finally said he got the cookie off the floor. Then I remembered that I’d seen a part of an Oreo under the edge of the island. At least it wasn’t my Oreos!