April 2014

I just said to Jack, “Say y- y- yellow.”

He said, “Y- y- yellow. Y- y- red. Y- y- blue. Y- y- green.”

No lie.

Tj was hemming and hawing about whether to take the bus on our 3-day weekend last month. The weather’s been pretty cold, and we’ve had some rain, too. When he finally asked me I said if we went somewhere in the bus we’d probably spend the whole weekend holed up in it, and I’d rather hole up at home, or go to a hotel. He was so annoyed with the weather that I offered to ‘help’ plan the trip. I googled great places to eat in AR and came up with Eureka Springs :-) He agreed and we were off!

Friday we left after he got off of work. We drove to Harrison and ate at┬áJamie’s Local Flavor…the fried chicken was superb! Tj had the crab stuffed chicken and I had the fried fish; both were really good, but no match for the skin we picked off the boys’ fried chicken. We went on to ES that night. Our room was nothing fancy, but it was fine. Tj picked this hotel because there was a heated pool.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel…it was pretty good. Based on reviews I wasn’t expecting anything hot but we got eggs, sausage, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, etc. We were pretty full when we headed off to the caves.

I’m convinced that Jack is afraid of heights, though I don’t think Tj agrees. When it came time for Jack to walk down the (steep, slippery, uneven and crooked) steps he freaked out! Tj went down backward with Jack in a death-grip on his neck walking forward. We made it through the whole thing with no one falling, thank goodness! Once he was on flat ground he was fine, and going up the stairs was also fine…it was just going down he didn’t like. It was an interesting tour of the caves, though our guide was pretty socially awkward. If you pause for our laughter/chuckles and we don’t comply in about 5 seconds just move on, it wasn’t funny.

After the caves we were driving to lunch, but since we weren’t really hungry when we saw the Aviation Cadet Museum we stopped in. They were closed for lunch so we drove on (thinking we might come back later), and then we saw the Christ of the Ozarks, so went there. There’s not much to say about the statue, but there was a little Bible museum in the gift shop that was interesting. I never really realized how many English translations there were before the KJV. English, yes, readable/understandable? Hardly! Not only was the wording/lettering so different from how we speak/write now days, the opulence of the text made reading it so difficult! You really had to work hard to make out what each sentence was saying. My souvenirs of this trip were a couple of pamphlets about how we got the Bible.

After that we were ready for lunch. Tj found us an interesting place, but unfortunately the food wasn’t very good. I had the bbq brisket, but it was worthless. After that disappointment we found an ice cream shop and had some wonderful dessert. I took Jack to the bathroom after we finished lunch and discovered he’s wet his pull-up. Because of that he got a piece of cobbler instead of ice cream. He sat at the table watching us eat ice cream and for a full 3 minutes he didn’t touch his cobbler but kept asking for ice cream. I had hope that this would be a turning point in potty training.

After dessert we drove around a bit stopping at little shops along the way. We spent longest at the chainsaw-carved art place. I really wanted to buy something there, the pieces were reasonably priced, but there wasn’t anything that seemed like a fit with what we already have at home. Then we went back to the hotel and went swimming. Sadly the pool was not actually heated! We all got wet, but didn’t stay too long. After quick showers we found a McD’s to drive through for a quick/small supper.

Sunday we went to a pancake restaurant Tj found, and it was super! We all had the buffet, which means we all ate a lot of bacon! At one point I was at the buffet and Jack wanted to come see me, and then he called out to me. Tj let him come and he ran to me (as he does) like we hadn’t seen each other in months! It was sweet. When Tj went up to pay he was astonished to find that someone paid for our meal for us! He thinks that Jack got that meal for us :-) We immediately decided to pay for the young couple near us with a baby. Fun!

We went to Turpentine Creek then…a big cat refuge. We went on the walking tour of the whole place. Interesting. When we were almost done Jack walked up to a pregnant woman and before I could reach him he patted her belly and said ‘ball, play ball’. Heh. I hurried to her and told her that Jack wanted to play with the ball she had under her shirt. She took it well, I think.

We looked for another place to have ice cream but ended up going back to the same shop as before. I checked J’s pull-up before we ordered and he was dry! We praised him multiple times for that while we all ate ice cream.

We went back to the room. Jack and I had a nap (Tj had a mini-nap), while Tj and Max went geocaching. We had supper at a nearby hotel that had high reviews. I wasn’t in love with my chicken fried steak, but the salad bar was good. Tj and I bought new rings there.

On the way home the next day we stopped in Harrison again for Thai food. It was pretty good, but the waitress wasn’t.

Since we’ve been home Max has cracked me up. He bought himself a big frozen drink and was bribing Jack to do stuff to me…go tickle Mama, go call Mama a chicken-head, go spank Mama! That one was the funniest…I’d just walked to where Max could see me when he said that one. Jack came up to me and whacked me on the bottom and looked at Max, then he whacked me another two times for good measure! Little punk! I told Max not to tell Jack to do something that was a sin, and that he should just give Jack some to drink without the bribe, but otherwise it was funny.

There are several things on my blog list…hopefully I can knock them out right now!

Max has a rough understanding of abortion. I don’t know where he heard that word, but he’s asked me what it meant. A couple of weeks ago out of the blue he asked ‘So does Obama just let you kill any baby that’s walking around?’ I really try hard to not let my jaw hit the floor when he broadsides me with something like that, but I had no idea what he was talking about. He said you know, abortion, can you just kill any baby that annoys you? I said no, it’s only the unborn ones, and it’s only the mom of the baby that can kill it. He said oh, ok. Then a minute later he said I think I’d rather Caleb was president. When I asked him what he was talking about he said at least Caleb wouldn’t let anyone kill babies, he would be a better president than Obama. (Caleb is my girlfriend’s son…Caleb and Max fight like they’re siblings, but at least Caleb doesn’t want any babies dead!)

A week or so ago Max was just having a hard day. He complained loudly that he must be the world’s only idiot who’s great at math! That made me laugh out loud.

Jack has been playing peek-a-boo lately, but he pronounces it ‘key ta boo’ or ‘keek a boo’. I’ve just started trying to correct ‘lus you’ to ‘love you’ and something else that escapes me now.

We went to Eureka Springs last weekend and Jack talked in his sleep at one point, he said ‘baby crying’, which is what he says when he hears a baby in a store or restaurant.

Max and I are reading the KJV Bible through this year. It cracks me up the things he remarks on like ‘Vex, that’s a funny word for chop’ (accompanied by chopping motions) (and yes, I did explain what vex actually meant). And the part where Moses was told to pour olive oil in his left hand, dip his right finger in it and sprinkle it 7 times; Max quickly said that he was sure Moses would have to dip his finger back in the oil several times to shake it that much. Heh. He makes me laugh with how often he mispronounces words. He reads so much but doesn’t hear those words so he doesn’t know how to say them. Some I remember now: breast pronounced like bread, comfort with the accent on the second syllable. I’ll have to note the other ones, there are many.

Speaking of not blogging stuff you want to remember, I totally didn’t blog about our first big camping trip! Don’t know how I could forget that. We drove about 5 hours to Jellystone Park in MS where we spent a few nights. Tj backed us into our spot and was setting up and we found out that Max’s bed was broken! We’d both remarked not remembering the part of the bed that hangs over the driver hanging so low and moving on previous drives, but we had no idea that the cable holding the whole thing up had snapped! Of course this could have ruined the trip, but we worked hard to not let it. Tj called the camper people, but it was after-hours so they weren’t much help. We rigged it as best we could…they even suggested propping up the corner with a 2×4 so it wouldn’t fall during our drive to FL. They didn’t think that was necessary, but you really don’t want to take a chance of the bed falling on the driver’s head while you’re going down the highway! As I remember it, Tj got the bed halfway down and then couldn’t get it back up. This was a problem because he couldn’t drive like that, so we couldn’t continue on our week-long vacation, and couldn’t even go back home. Eventually, with a lot of hard work by Ted and a good bit done by me as well (and the boys staying pretty well out of our hair) we got the bed back up. Then Tj felt sure we could hook the cable back into position if we tried. I didn’t want to chance it since we’d have to lower the bed again, and he’d have to hoist it back up while I pressed the switch. I didn’t want us getting stuck there on our first day! In the end he was right and we got the cable back into place. There was no more movement of that bed when we drove, thankfully! So Max was bummed he couldn’t sleep in his bed, but the vacation was saved!

We had fun there. We ate breakfast at their restaurant one morning, swam in the pool and the lake, made sand castles, and just generally had a great time.

We then drove about another 5 hours to FL and parked in one of the tiniest spots we’d seen so far for a camper. Tj packed our bikes and we rode around the campground a good bit. He brought along Jack’s trailer that hitched to his bike so Tj got the most exercise. There were tons of trees there between each camper. Then there was a paved road down to a long boardwalk to the beach. We rode our bikes to the beach once each day. I brought snacks and we stayed as long as we could. We put on sunblock before we left, but still all got a little sun, nothing horrible. We had a really great time there. One day Jack and I napped while Tj took Max out on a boat. For the most part we did everything together, though.

I packed all the food and utensils we needed for the entire time. I’m still pretty proud of myself if I do say so! The other short trips we’ve gone on I’ve always forgotten something (a spatula, the sheets, some food item I need to go with something else we’re eating), but amazingly we had absolutely everything we needed for the entire week!

We kept Jack sleeping on the floor because every time he slept with Max on the little bed (from the dinette) he fell off. Towards the end of the week Tj set up the queen blow-up bed for him and he did well on that.

That’s all I remember now, I’ll just update this after I talk to Tj and see what major parts of the story I’m leaving out :-)