March 2014

There are little funny things that go on all the time that just don’t merit a blog post, but then when I’m reminded of them I’m sad that I didn’t blog them.

For instance: my sister just reminded me that Max wanted a parrot, and saw toy one at Goodwill one day, but didn’t have enough money. The lady at the register let him have it for free! When we got it home and turned it on it said a dirty word! But for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Heh. Something that rhymed with something else…like witch. I made Max take out the batteries and then I called my mom and sister and we laughed for forever. It really was funny. Wish I could remember.

Things are rocking along. Two weeks ago now I asked Jack where something was and he went into the other room and pointed and said “there it is”!! That was big news. He doesn’t do that consistently, but it’s a step in the right direction. He still doesn’t have conversations which is always awkward when you’re around nice people who keep asking him things (are those french fries good? did you like the movie? how are you? etc.) and I keep telling him “Say yes ma’am” or “Say OK.”

I had him write something last Friday when he was home from school but we still had school and I was amazed at his ability! That’s one area the public school has done well. I’m excited to have him home, though.

Today we had SaraLu over with her grandbaby, Tara. At one point Max said, “It’s plain to see that she isn’t enjoying herself.” It made SaraLu chuckle.