January 2014

It just started pouring outside, so I went to check on the boys. They’re both sound asleep in their beds (though when I left they were both tucked into Max’s bed). I pulled several light-up toys out of Jack’s bed, as usual, and covered them both up snugly. Usually Max is completely covered…I sometimes can’t even tell he’s there! Such a peaceful time.

Today, out of the blue while we were fixing breakfast, Max said, “Mama, I need to tell you something. When you tell me ‘Look, Max, at those beautiful trees’ all those times, I really don’t think they’re beautiful! I haven’t wanted to say anything because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings!”

I was laughing so hard, and I told him I only mention such things to help him really see God’s creation with awe. So funny, that one!

I’m beginning to think that the break from school has allowed Jack to process all he’s learned there. I really noticed him start talking more around Christmas Eve, and he hasn’t slowed down. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle! :-)

Yesterday he was on a roll so I jotted down some of what he said. He told Tj to get up (from his chair). Sit down (on the floor). Away phone. Play marble tower.

Later at lunch he told Max, “Max, eat the plate”. Then he corrected it to eat the bite after I said that.

Max and Tj were playing a game and out of the blue Jack shook the box and said “More pieces” noticing that they hadn’t used all the pieces from the game and more were in the box.

I’m so excited at all we’re hearing from him. I hope it keeps up. I know we’ll look back one day and might not remember what a long road this has been, but I’m ready for my 6.5 year old to be able to tell me what he thinks. I’m sure there will come a day when I’m tired of hearing everything he’s thinking if he’s anything like Max, but right now it would be amazing to know what’s going on in that little head.

Today is the second day in a row that he’s not pottied/pooped in his pull-up! I’ve told him that he can play the ipad when he potties on the toilet, but that if he potties in his diaper/pull-up he won’t get to play on the ipad.  So everytime he puts something in the toilet he gets 10 minutes of ipad time. He still doesn’t understand longer amounts of time. I can’t say “If you stay dry all day I’ll give you _____”. That just doesn’t compute. And he’s hard to bribe, too. I think it goes along with being hard-headed. He wants what he wants, and that’s more the convenience of a diaper than anything else.

Jack talks to himself a lot now…it’s so sweet. This morning he sat at the table and said, “Eat the stuff. Eat the house.” Our chocolate-bread house is barely standing; Max has really been enjoying it. The other day he was in the bathroom walking himself through the steps of bathrooming, “I poop a toilet! Pull up pull-up. Flush. Lid down. Wash hands soap.”

Yesterday we went to Amy’s and he kept telling her, “Amy, Jack a poop a toilet! Amy, Jack stand up! Amy, Jack pull up pants!” So cute and funny.