December 2013

Max often speaks spaceship, which makes me laugh. “Initiate tickle-Jack!”, “Activate lasers”, “Incoming!!”, etc. It catches me off guard and makes me chuckle.

He’s also sung “Amazing grace, I’m shaking my hiney” a few times.

Tj showed the boys (and the Huff boys) “What Does the Fox Say?” recently, so I’ve been serenaded with a full version of “What Does the Nuke Say?” on the way to the Huffs once.

Tj announced just before Christmas that Max was old enough to watch the Indiana Jones movies, so we watched the first one while my folks were here. Boy, did we forget some language in there! It wasn’t much, but it was surprising. Heh.

Since then we’ve also watched the Lord of the Rings series with him. I’m heading to the library to get the books on tape for us to listen to now. That was really fun to watch with him, except for the fact that the first two we started around 6pm, so I was falling asleep during the last third (or two-thirds?) of the movie.

In other news I’ve been waking up at 5am (and this morning at 4!!) for the last week! Is this just a sign of getting old? I wonder. It is nice to lay in bed and read a bit, and then have time to come do this before being guilted into going upstairs to check J’s diaper. I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy it after school starts back, though!

I’ve been meaning to blog for so long that I’ve forgotten what I wanted to blog about. I guess I’ll just ramble on a stream-of-consciousness type post. How is that any different than usual? Don’t know.

Christmas was good. Mom and Papa came and stayed 2 1/2 days. They mentioned Max going home with them and he said he didn’t want to. He didn’t like getting punched when they were pillow-fighting. I said when you play rough you get hurt, that’s just what happens. By the end of the visit Mom told me that he’d said he wants to go stay with them. I’m glad, since he’s going to! :-)

Jack is beginning to talk more in sentences now; it’s pretty noticeable. Some I’ve recorded:
Me: How many candies do you have? Him: One, two, I have two chocolates.
I want ride red car please, Daddy. (When we passed toy cars at Wal-Mart.)
Fish swimming. Fish under the water. (From his Awana book.)

He’s also memorizing his verses pretty well for Awana. And potty-training is coming along. We’re kind of at a stand-still, but it’s in a good place. I never imagined we’d be here by now…I thought he’d be this far along in the process at the end of the school year if I was lucky! Sometimes he tells us he needs to potty, but mostly he doesn’t. If I make him go he can stay dry all day (which he did Friday), but if we get busy and I forget then he wets his diaper/pull-up (which happened Saturday). Is that potty-trained? It sure is to me! When we’re out shopping or eating out he more often tells us. I guess I need to set a 2-hour timer and make him go then. He can pretty much go by himself, especially if he’s wearing a pull-up. He can’t put his diaper back on, and may tear his diaper if he has to take it off himself. And he will still take it off if it has poop in it when really I should do that. He does a decent job of washing his hands himself, and can put his pants back on, but can’t snap/zipper most of the time.

We had fondue the Friday before Christmas. I think that’s a tradition now. I think we’ll be having that more throughout the year, too, now that I have a recipe we like. It needs a little tweaking, but it was good.

Max and I have really been enjoying our days with the Huff boys (and girl). We’ve taken off 4 weeks (3 down and 1 to go. Boo!) and done fun activities with the Huffs several days. We’ve had a sewing day (they hand-sewed monster patches on their torn jeans and machine sewed a drawstring bag from old jeans pants legs), snowflake day (we cut out snowflakes and made some from a borax solution), a spy day (they learned about Morse code, deciphered a message and went through a maze we’d set up in the hallway: crepe paper taped all through the hallway with bells attached that they had to crawl up/over/through without ringing the bells), and a duct tape day (we made swords). Usually we get together and chat while the boys play, eat, do a craft, then the boys run around whoever’s house while Amy and I paint/draw/collage and talk our hearts out. Lots of fun! We have two more days planned: make your own stamp day and collage silhouette day. Then it’s back to the grind-stone. Hopefully getting back into school will be easier than starting it up this year was.

It seems like we had a rough start to our school year, but it sure has smoothed out quite a bit. Max handles so much of his school-work himself, it amazes me! After breakfast and morning chores we read our Bibles together and he does his Bible memorization by himself. He does his math by himself while I plan his assignments, etc. He works his grammar, Spanish, and typing by himself, and I should be grading his work as he goes along. When we’re doing great we do the corrections of all that work before lunch. We have lunch (and to my shame we sometimes watch tv during lunch, but to my credit it’s educational tv :-)) and then we have the fun school: science and history. I still don’t let him do those by himself because they’re so interesting I want to read them too. He reads so well and so much that his reading isn’t tracked, but I really need to get on that. That would be a good thing to keep track of. Fridays we only do Bible, memorization and math and then have fun with the Huffs again.

I’m scared we’re doing so well in school, and it’s going so smoothly, and next year Jack will homeschool with us and he’s gonna be ONE BIG MONKEY-WRENCH!! That crazy boy! He was home the week of Thanksgiving and I got no rest because I was going behind him cleaning up his messes! While Mom/Papa were here Max left a color out and Jack wrote on my desk (a little), the back door (a lot), and the built-in buffet in the dining room and Tj’s retirement shadow box!!! Fortunately every surface he wrote on (at least all the ones we’ve found so-far) were easily cleaned with a wettie. I made Jack clean the door. He did a pretty good job, but it took him more than 20 minutes. Hopefully that made an impression and he won’t do that again. The funny thing is that I’ve never baby-proofed any drawers with him. The scissors and colors have always just been in a cabinet or a drawer; but he’s never gotten them. He only did that when Max left a color out of place. Let’s hope this trend continues and Max keeps up with his stuff!

We made a chocolate-bread house this year instead of a gingerbread. I had Max helping me, and because of that I’m not quite sure we didn’t get an extra half cup of flour in the mix. Either way the taste wasn’t impressive. Tj told Max they can take the house out and shoot it, so that’ll be fun.

Well, I hear thumpy upstairs, so I’d better go see what he’s up to.

Last night at a Christmas party Max got a multi-tool and he’s over the moon about it. This morning he said, “I just don’t know why they put a corkscrew on here, cause we’re in modern times, and in modern times they don’t sell corked bottles. And anyway, we’re not in Texas.” When I asked him what Texas had to do with anything he said, “Texas is the place where cowboys live and where cowboys live there’s wine and beer and drunkards. Is that ok to say? Or is it inappropriate?”

Obviously I haven’t broadened enough horizons yet!

Yesterday, he was a talking machine.  He requested to “hold flag” which was not in my plan for the day, but he asked so nicely, we had to do it. :)   We looked at ads for toys yesterday, and he was cracking me up.  If I turned a page too quickly and he wasn’t ready, I made him say “not yet”—he said that a lot.  Here are a few things he said:  “Jack green scooter” and “turn page” and “around a curve” when he was looking at a race car track.   He was also answering some ?s for me that weren’t “wh-” ?s really well–sometimes he just ignores me I think.  :)    I was trying to model question formation.  He cracks me up.

Don’t know if I’ve blogged this yet but we get an online pie chart about his behavior from school. They started this about a month ago, I guess. Up until this week he’d never gotten a grade of 100%. The funniest thing is what percentage of every day’s post was ‘taking off clothes’. Not when he was in the bathroom, just in regular classroom time! This Monday was the first time I saw that he didn’t take off his clothes. Progress!

I’m always so torn about how serious I should try to have our school-day go. Obviously we’re homeschoolers and therefore we don’t have to have 6 hours of sit-in-your-chair quiet obedience, but we do have to get some knowledge into Max’s head.

This morning at devotions Max read “…to enable you to live a life worthy of his call.” He immediately mimed God calling and Max answering, and you wouldn’t believe what God had Max do! It’s funny, and I love it, but it’s always hard to get us steered back to school or whatever else we’re trying to do. Hopefully I’m striking a balance. I do know that I love all these moments I’d miss out on if he were in public school. :-)

In other news yesterday he told me, “I feel like I can drink out of the (milk) jug”. Ok, then.


“The reason why I play with Noah even though he’s mean to me is because I want to be like him, to know a lot of stuff about video games. Sometimes he talks to Austin about games I know but I have no idea what he’s talking about. I just think it’s hot stuff.” Who says ‘hot stuff’ these days???