October 2013

After calling it quits tonight Max and I left a bowl of candy on the front step and the light on, like we’ve done in times past. This time someone rang the bell, though; they usually don’t. Max ran to the door, opened it and said ‘you don’t have to ring’, and just shut the door in their faces! He wasn’t angry or anything, but it cracked me up that he didn’t then give them candy. Heh, funny kid.

Max: I wonder if Jesus had real brothers and sisters?
Me: He did; the Bible talks about them a little bit.
Max: That would be cool, to have Jesus for an uncle!
Man, wouldn’t it? :-)

About his homemade vampire costume the other day: I think I’ll have the best costume in the whole world unless someone has a potion that makes their eyes glow!

We just got back from the yearly camping trip. I think we figured out FBC started camping in ’08. We planned to go in ’09 but Jack broke his leg. We went in ’10 and ’11, but missed ’12 because of Tj’s new job; and here we are in ’13!

I bought some fudge on the way back home and just had a piece…that might be my biggest chocolate weakness! I usually buy a big piece and start out with good intentions (it will last at least a week), and then I finish the whole thing the next day. Yum!

We got our ‘strongly worded letter’ today about Jack missing school! Apparently he’s missed 5 days this semester (I haven’t checked to see if that was counting last Monday when we went to Atlanta, and I’m sure it’s not counting today). Horrors! I guess it’s time to gather all those Dr’s notices and see if that buys me anything. I’ve been wondering/worrying/laughing about this whole thing of missing school. Being a homeschooler first I think them telling me how many days my kid can miss is a bunch of hooey. I know they have rules about missing too much school for a reason, but I believe if the child is making progress then he’s not missing too much school. Max and I do so much less school than kids in public school, and he’s advanced farther than many of his peers. I just figured our schooling out last week, and at the rate we’re going we’ll be able to “take off” the whole month of December and still finish his work by the end of public school. I’m planning on us doing a lot of art/cooking/science experiments/sewing/reading/fun stuff, but no math/grammar/science work sheets. I feel like I have a handle on how much school Jack needs, so for them to tell me we’re taking too much time off makes me laugh. What are they going to do? Fail him? Heh. I was talking to a friend the other day and mentioned someone who had taken their kids on a two-week vacation during the school year and my friend exclaimed that that was just too much, that their kids wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others in their class, that everyone was supposed to be the same place in the classroom. It hit me then that that’s exactly what I think is wrong with public school (well, one of the million things); no matter how hard you try you’re never going to have a class with 20 (or 35, or even 3) students who are in the same place in any subject. They’re not the same! Public school needs to treat each child the same, have each child keep up or slow down so that 1 teacher can teach them all the same thing at the same time. But that doesn’t work. That’s why there’s GT and SPED classes, cause our kids are not all the same.

It saddens me that Jack was learning to sound out letters and words when he started public school, but that’s way on the back burner now. I am happy they’re potty training him, and he gets therapy the he probably won’t get when he goes back to homeschool, but we’re sacrificing reading! They can’t focus on him like I can. Yes, public school can teach him things I can’t, which is why he’s there. I can’t teach him how to behave in a group setting when his classroom at home only has 2 students. But I bet he’d be a little closer to reading by now.

He’d probably be farther behind on potty training, though: twice today he’s sat on the toilet for just a few minutes (under 2 I’d say) and then pottied!! I realized yesterday that the only way he’d pottied on the toilet for me before was either by leaving him on a long time, or by me pouring water on his belly to get him started. So today’s a big day!

Anyway, back to camping. It was good; we had a great time. I did forget to load all our sheets/towels, though! I’d washed and folded them and put them in the bus laundry basket, but the bus was in the shop so the basket went out into the garage. Fortunately we had our big blankets to keep us warm.

Well, I want some free time tonight so I’m gonna close this and change the title. Hopefully I’ll post again soon and give a little more detail about our trip.

I can’t believe I never blogged about Max getting saved! What a horrible mother! I do have to say, it was rather a let-down :-) Hopefully God’s not offended by my saying that. Max getting saved did weigh on my mind a bit for a while. I know God is a loving God and wants us all to be saved, but when this very important question is completely out of your hands but rests mostly on you (and your spouse) to provide the correct information it feels a little unnerving!

Anyway, one day when Tj was deployed way back in 2010 (from Jan-July)  Max and I took a nap. A while after he woke up, maybe even a day or so later, Max told me that after that nap he’d asked Jesus to come into his heart! Ha! I never expected him to do that while no adult was even in the room! We talked about it a little bit, and over the next while I would ask him about that time again and he always gave me the same story.

Recently he’s asked about proof of the Bible being true, and proof that there really is a God. I’ve been honest with him, and told him that no, we can’t prove absolutely that there is a God, we have to take some things by faith. But when we look at creation it’s hard for me to believe that all this came about by chance. Everything around us points to there being a designer; the trees, plants, animals, the universe in it’s vastness…I can’t believe that all this happened because millions of years ago when there was nothing, nothing exploded and here we are.

The proof that the Bible is real varies from there being about 5,700 copies of the New Testament (so many more than there are copies of other famous works by Plato, Aristotle, and Homer), and how about 40 people wrote the whole Bible over a span of 1,500 years, but that they all tell the same story; they all compliment each other. Other times we’ve discussed this I’ve told him how the Bible has done the most good of all the books ever printed. How so many lives have been changed for the better. We’ve had some good discussions, but it does surprise me that we’re talking about this when he’s 8.

Last Wednesday night Chris R met me after Xplode to tell me that Max came to him, and at one point was crying, saying he was worried he was going to hell! I was shocked! He hasn’t mentioned any fear to me. I told Chris about Max getting saved years ago and he said Max told him the same story. He gave Max some assurance verses to think about and said I should do the same. He wrote the date and time down for Max to go back to whenever he had doubts.

A few weeks ago somehow we got on the topic of Hell, and I asked Max if he knew what Hell really was. He didn’t give me a great answer, and then said it was where the devil lived. I told him that it was a place of fire, where the unsaved would be tormented forever without ever dying. I reminded him of the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I don’t think I’ve emphasized Hell before. I told him that’s why we really want to make sure other people know about Jesus and how he wants to save everyone, so they don’t have to go to that horrible place. Not long after that we had our new stove delivered. After the couple came in to look at the old stove they were going to take away they went outside and Max said to me that we ought to ask them if they were saved. I told him that was a great idea, but that he shouldn’t say anything until they’d finished their work. Then he asked me if I would do it! Heh. After they finished up I told them that before they left Max was wondering if they knew Jesus. They both nodded, and it was awkward for 1/2 a second. Then the man said he’d met Jesus in Dec of 1980-something when he got baptized! I was so excited that he had such a solid testimony to give Max. I told Max to tell them about when he’d asked Jesus into his heart, and he told them that it was when his dad was deployed. We talked a few minutes more about this, and then Max ran off. I thanked the man for being such a good example for Max, and then Max ran up and handed them a dollar! I asked him what it was for, and he just said it’s for them! That kid :-) Made me smile.

One of the fun things about missing more of your kid’s day than you get to spend with him is the cute little emails you get, like this gem from Jack’s teacher yesterday:

I meant to tell you the other day. He stuck his hand in the toilet a couple of time last week. Just passing it on. He also dumped his water all over the lunchroom floor this morning. They suggested to have him bring a water bottle that would prevent him from dumping it all out :-) Thanks!

My boy shines! LOL