September 2013

Yesterday morning while in the truck:
I really like books where in the end people possess a lot of stuff. Or are wealthy.
Great. I’m raising that kind of kid.


Tonight after Awana (really Explode), out of the blue he said:
When I grow up I’m not gonna be a scientist (like we’d talked about earlier today) but something like a tooth paste maker or a machinery maker. I want to have a nice little short and fun job. I’m not gonna work too much so I can spend time with my family.¬†You know what might be fun if they pay me for it? Testing video games.
And I’m gonna have a good, nice wife. She’ll be kind to children and won’t be jealous.
And I’ll get a nice little 2 or 3 story house with one of those beds you have. A house with a big, big backyard; almost or all the way in the woods.
With a nice front porch and hot tub and built in swimming pool.

And then 10 minutes later:
I’m gonna let my kids play video games (that we don’t let him play) and I’m probably gonna let them say bad words. Not really bad words, but some.
When I asked him if he thought playing those video games would be good for his kids he said no, but that he wanted them to have fun.



Serious stuff:
He’s been talking about how there’s no absolute proof that God is God and Jesus is real and the Bible is fact. I agreed that there is no absolute tangible proof. Then I said that the Bible was written over a period of 1,500 years by 40 different men, but that every book tells part of the same story. They all agree with each other. This fact points to one Great Author like the Bible claims. And that we know for a fact that Jesus lived and did some of the things the Bible tells us about, and that he died on the cross like the Bible says. That other people (not Bible authors) wrote about Jesus’ life and death and confirm things the Bible says. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and to be saving us from all our sins. So either he is who he says he is (and the Bible is true), or he’s a bad/crazy guy lying about being the Son of God and saving us, duping us all.

I told him also when I look at creation I can’t believe that all of this beauty/diversity happened out of nothing that exploded and evolved. To me all of creation points to a designer. A designer who is written about in the Bible.

But I said that he needs to study and find out what he believes. That he should pray to ‘God’, whoever ‘God’ is, and that if he sought God, God would find him, like He promises us in his Word.

Then he said and why haven’t I been baptized? I took that class a long time ago and they never baptized me! I told him we were waiting on him to let us know when he was ready. And if he was having these questions now that we should wait until he’s sure about what he believes.


Wow. I didn’t know childrearing was going to be like this!