August 2013

but is driving me crazy now. Not for the first time I’ve sent Max out with a large bottle of bubbles to fill a smaller bottle outside for Jack. But I did not specifically say (nor even think about saying) for Max to bring the big bottle back in. So 10 minutes later I see Jack playing with the empty big bottle. Ugh! Does it really matter? No, it only cost about a dollar. But really, I could have headed this off if I’d have told Max to bring it back in! Instead I went outside and got mad at Max. And then told him that I love him so much more than that bottle of bubbles.

Hopefully one day I’ll be a good mom!

One of the ever amazing things about having Jack is just watching his thinking grow. I know we did this with Max, but it was so fast, we were always moving on to the next thing. Just like those little quirks you love about your fiancee can one day drive you nuts, the very things a delayed child does that worries you are sometimes the very things you appreciate the most.

I just put him in his room for the night and sat with him letting him lead our play. He’s starting to figure out to ask ‘Mom do it’, or sometimes he’ll just move my hand to do what he wants me to do.

He’s said a few times ‘Mom quiet’ or ‘Max quiet’. So funny!

About a month ago was the first time he said ‘Where toy?’ He’s said it a few more times since then, it’s beginning to stick.

I think he’s figured out that much crying = much consoling. He doesn’t cry without a cause, but twice lately he’s really cried (and actually gotten super angry) when he’s hurt himself.

He really wants to do what we’re doing…he tried to put the bag in the garbage can today by himself, I let him vacuum a bit today (till he got bored). He’s just fun to have around.

He is fixated on ‘tree’, and has been for a while. I don’t know if he always means the Christmas tree we have above our front door, but he says tree a lot. He also says ‘tree all fall down’ a lot, and we have no idea what he means. Lately (as has happened before) he’s become terrified of out CT and won’t go to the stairs after dark by himself. But once he gets past the first few steps he’s fine. I wonder if he knows something I don’t!

Tonight he kept looking at a page in Max’s Lego magazine and saying ‘black tree’. When he finally pointed it out it was a black building. I told him that several times, but he kept saying ‘black tree’. Whatever.

We’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with him saying ‘no thanks’ to whatever he doesn’t want instead of just fussing.

Guess that’s all for tonight, though I am woefully behind on blogging. Oh, before I forget, we went on our first full family camping trip and Jack fell out of his bed (made from the dining table, so not too high) the first night, but never woke up. He fell out of it the second night and by the time I got to him his torso was on the bed but his feet were on the floor, still wasn’t fully awake. And he and Max were playing on M’s bed (over the driver’s seat, so kinda high) and Jack fell out of it! I hope there’s no lasting damage from all that! That boy has a hard head!