May 2013

the last time I posted was the day we had ‘the talk’ with Max. Not the birds/bees, but Santa! He’d asked me a month or so ago if the Easter Bunny really gave candy to all the kids in the world, or did parents just do that? I asked him what he thought and we talked a bit, and Santa’s name came up. Then it was time to get out of the truck so I kinda ended the conversation. He asked again a few weeks later with about the same results. I texted Tj at work and told him that that night at supper (he was working late that night) I was going to explain it all to Max. Tj said he wished he could be there, and I really wanted this to be something we did together. Since he had the following Wednesday off we all went out to eat at Dixie Cafe and had ‘the talk’. :-) He took it really well…I think he really knew. We made sure to tell him not to be the one telling his friends about it because their families would handle that with them. Tj made sure to mention that St. Nicholas was trying to please God with what he did, and so when we carry on this tradition we’re also pleasing to God. I thought that was a pretty good connection.

This morning I was playing Pie Jesu by Sarah Brightman while Jack was eating breakfast, I looked over at him and he had tears streaming down his face! I think that song was too sad for him! Poor, sweet baby!

Grandmom’s coming into town today and it’s J’s last day of Wee Care plus his WC finale. We have a lot going on so I’d better wrap this up.

Life is just rocking along. Just a general update:

I’ve been making Max pull weeds when he has a bad attitude or otherwise needs some correction. I think he actually enjoys it for the most part…I guess it’s better than having to do schoolwork. :-) Anyway, I’ve told him he can’t pull just the tops, he has to get the roots, too. He’s doing better now, and the other day after he’d pulled a big weed with long roots he said “Now, that’s some quality weed right there!”!! I laughed out loud.

Jack is still going on the potty, but mostly when he wants to play the iPad. I think he’s understanding more about pottying on the toilet than he did last year, but he still doesn’t hesitate to do it in his diaper if that’s more convenient. He still talks about it more than he does it. He definitely takes longer than other boys to process info, maybe that’s part of the problem. No big rush. It’ll come.

We started Hooked on Phonics with him last Thursday. He mostly knows what sound each letter makes. Sometimes he misses one or two, but he’s learning. The crazy thing is is that he still hasn’t made the connection that because that letter makes that sound then all words with that letter at the beginning make that sound at the beginning. I’ll say “Mmmmm Mama, Mmmmmmm Max” and he’ll then say “Mmmmmm Daddy!”. Again, it’ll come when it comes.

Tj is shopping for an RV. I think we’re really gonna buy one. Now it’s just finding one we like in our price range.

Of course now that we’ve made that decision the dentist is starting to talk about orthotics for Max. Ugh.

Tj told Jack to do something the other night and he saluted Tj when he said ‘yes, sir’.

So we started ‘Friday Fundays’. We’ll do school 4 days a week and Fridays will be reserved for science experiments, art or music with our friend Amy and her 3 boys. Our first one was here last Friday and we had a blast. She has an art program she’s been wanting to do so we’re learning how to draw. I talked to her tonight and think we’ll add in an experiment or some cooking after the art lesson each week.

I joined a CSA and picked up our first batch of produce last Thursday, and now I’ll go weekly on Tuesdays. Since Tuesday is already grocery shopping day (with Jack in Wee Care that morning it’s nice to go shopping with just one boy), then we pick up Jack and head home for 45 minutes of PT, then lunch, and now we’ll have to drive 30 mins away for this produce I decided we’d do math and grammar on Friday morning and no school on Tuesday. Max hated to give up his ‘school-free’ Friday, so he asked if we could double up our math and grammar on another day so we have 2 school-free days. We did it this week and it worked out well. We did 2 maths on Monday along with our regular school, then nothing on Tuesday, then 2 grammars today so we’re right on target! This will be nice :-)