February 2013

What’s not funny about toddlers is walking in and catching him pooping in the tub!!! After I’ve said a hundred times this bath “No poop in the tub!”

Later I tried hard not to laugh when he said “Max poop in tub”. I had to remind him that no, no one else in our family poops in the tub.

Sometimes it’s fun to have a kid with Down syndrome, although really it’s the same as having a non-verbal toddler for 4 years (which at times really loses its appeal, but there you go). Anyway, I was packing for a trip and hung my clothes on a door-hanger and Jack stood under them and yelled “Ooohhhh!” for a long time :-) It’s funny to see what amazes him sometimes. Sweet, funny kid.

Tonight instead of sending Max up to read at 7pm as I usually do, I let both boys stay up reading with me in the living room. I really enjoyed our time together and think that’ll probably be our new norm. At one point Jack found an electronic 20 questions ball Max had left out…he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary! He was so excited and proud! He didn’t even know what to do with it, but he loved it and wanted it and was so happy he had it. I wish I could always remember his look right then. I want to bottle that moment up.

Another wonderful snapshot of our night was tucking both boys in. I told Max to remember this moment for always. I’ve found them both asleep in the top bunk these last few nights…Max says Jack climbs up there after Max falls asleep, which is totally believable. Jack is so funny that way, he wants to hug or kiss you, but when he’s through with you he easily pushes you away.

In other news I’ve successfully kept up with my new year’s resolution to vacuum the kit/lr area every week, and have even folded and put up all the clothes every week, too! I remembered today that my life is probably easier now because we cut out that one therapy. I didn’t need all that stress. Ugh/yea!

PS. Max finished all his schoolwork in 3.5 hours today. Woot! That was math, grammar, things he’s thankful for x2, Spanish, typing and history.

Oh, yeah, and the other day when we pulled into the church parking lot Jack jumped out of his seat! Max swears he buckled him in, but Jack doesn’t seem to know how to unbuckle. Think we’ll keep Jack on the passenger’s side for a while longer so I can keep an eye on him!

Jack is really learning these words! Tonight he was writing…fairly legibly! I think that will take longer for him to do well, but then I was surprised at how well he’s memorizing these words…guess I should stop babying him!

Also I realized tonight how seldom I pick him up anymore. He’s 42 pounds and I feel it in my shoulders when I do! I’ve had bursitis since June of last year, but I think it’s finally almost gone. I really believe Jack is the major cause of my shoulder pain. I’ve completely stopped sleeping on my right side, have been taking a big dose of naproxin sodium, alternating heat and cold, ending on heat, and doing a few exercises.

Anyway, I really see this time as the end of his babyhood. Bring on the boyhood!

Oh, yeah, just a little more babyhood. I got up this morning at 6am and went directly out into the living room. I could hear Jack upstairs playing with his dominoes. When I checked on him it cracked me up to see that he’d put dominoes down his fleece long-sleeve footed onesie and couldn’t get them out. Heh. Silly kid.

Jack has started blowing on things. I don’t know the rhyme or reason, but it’s cute. I’ve seen him do it about 3 times…I think maybe it’s when he’s having trouble with something like putting his shoes on, etc. It sure beats him hitting things with his little fat fist which was also cute, but led to or reflected more anger on his part. That was so funny, though, when he couldn’t get his sock on he’d hit it with his little balled-up fist, or he hit the doorknob when he couldn’t get it open.

We’ve been using flashcards since Monday and he’s really making progress! I made a video today; he remembers all the ones he’s been working on, and it takes a couple of repetitions for him to pick up a new word. Amy says I should introduce 2-3 new words a day! We’re up to 10 today…now I just need to keep up the pace!

I’m making my birthday cake now and Tj’s supposed to be home around 9:40pm. I’ll eat supper with him and have some wonderful earthquake cake too. I’m doing it early so we can pig-out all week, then do the same on our vacation, and then I’ll be ready to work on getting rid of this Christmas weight (which I gained all after Christmas).

Max had his last Upwards game today. There are 1 or 2 more, but we’ll be gone. He played great today; 3 baskets and several rebounds. School is still going really well. I just revamped his chore chart and it’s going better, too. We’ve been watching the Amazing Race and calling it geography, but I think we’ll have to quit. It’s pretty clean, and the first 2 or 3 episodes were very clean, but they do use a little bit of language there. Guess we’ll give it a year or two and start again.