May 2012

Max and I (and Jack, usually) have been listening to the Chronicles of Narnia since December. We’ve loved them! We just finished the last book so I picked up Alice in Wonderland for us now. On the way to the store we started it and boy, was it rough! I understood it when I wasn’t concentrating on driving…it wasn’t that difficult, but I doubt Max got much out of it. After the intro ended I turned it off and said ‘Wow, that was rough, huh?’ to Max. He agreed. I said it must’ve been a poem before the chapter and now we were gonna start the book, and it would be easier to understand. Max said ‘Maybe it was a pro-la-gue?’…a prologue :-) That cracked me up; that’s my little reader.

Along these lines almost every time we get in the car if the radio’s not on Jack says ‘Narnia’ or ‘Klove’. And this morning at breakfast he pointed out the window and said ‘fly, bird’!!!! My little talker! :-)

He’s recognized numbers for a very long time now, over a year, I think. But twice today he’s actually counted something. I think he may be beginning to understand what numbers are :-)

Poor ole Jack…haven’t written much about him lately though he’s changing so much. I guess part of the problem is that change happens so slowly by the time he really gets here I forget to blog it.

January or so he was hardly even talking. A couple of weeks ago he would say one of 2 phrases: ‘I hear atrain’ or ‘I hear aplane’. Last week he added ‘I hear a thunder’. Tonight he said ‘I hear a bird’ then ‘a Max’ and ‘a Mama’.

He still has trouble remembering that talking gets him what he wants (or it’s a good start, anyway). I took him and Max to run errands Friday and it was just so miserable because Jack just whined and whined instead of saying ‘down’, ‘eat’ or ‘drink’. I don’t ask him to speak in complete sentences, but if prompted he can remember to recite ‘I want _____ please Mama/Daddy’. He’s definitely making progress and lots of it, it’s just sooooooo slow.

The other day he gave Tj a ‘biiiiiig hug’ then a ‘little hug’ :-) I think that shows he’s starting to understand/see the relation between those two words.

In January we started forcing him to put his own clothes on more and to climb into/buckle his own seatbelt. Just yesterday he put on shirt/shorts/socks and one shoe w/o me touching him :-) He can put both arms in and can buckle the top part of his seatbelt.

I have a big plan to potty train him when school ends…he has 2 weeks off of therapy and I’m hoping to mostly accomplish that goal by the time summer therapy starts up. Say a prayer: May 21’s the big day!

Max heard about baby showers and asked if babies get presents when they have their first shower. :-) I told him it may have to do with ‘showering’ a person with gifts. I tried to quickly explain but he cut me off to ask excitedly if they really drop presents down like out of an airplane?! I said no, and he asked if we could do that his next birthday…then started figuring out the logistics and talking about how many parachutes we’d need. This is such a fun part of having kids… imagination/innocence/presents out of planes.