March 2012

This morning I told Max that we’d be going to a meeting and he’d have to sit quietly and do schoolwork or read a book. He asked if he could ‘join the conversation sometimes’ which totally cracked me up since he’s a 7-year-old boy. When I told him no, that we’d be talking about Jack and where he’s going to school next year he said, ‘oh, I thought I could join in with some funny stuff like when Mrs. Sherry was here’! I’d worry that he was too old for his age if he hadn’t also just asked me if he could play with his sword while we were talking about Jack.

About a week ago we went through the car wash in Tj’s car (we’ve switched cars since he’s retired). Jack was scared and started crying. Before I could even comfort him Max leaned over and covered Jack’s eyes! I’d never told him to do that before; I think that’s super sweet that he thought of doing that on his own.

Backstory: we’ve been listening to Narnia on CD in the car since December. Story: yesterday Max made himself a crown and has been carrying a drumstick sword in a paper towel tube scabbard tucked into his waste band. He came in from playing with his friends outside and asked if I’d be his servant! I told him I already was, couldn’t he see me folding his clothes? He asked his dad and Tj said what would being his servant mean? Max said he’d have to do all his chores. Heh. Guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Max told me last night that he was going to put his clean shirt on before bed last night so he didn’t have to get dressed in the morning…he was saving time, you know :-)

This morning Jack needed a bath, and then Max started playing with him but stayed out of the tub. After a bit I asked if he wanted to just get in the tub with Jack, and he said “Mom!! I just put on my new shirt last night!!” like it was the dumbest thing he’d ever heard to do it all over again.

Mom, I know this sounds ridiculous, but, can anyone marry their mom?

And a week ago when I was talking about him growing up he said “Childs are never as big as their parents!” like I’d just tried to pull the wool over his eyes.