January 2012

Max’s party went off well. Everyone invited came! When the all got here I had the pizza stuff ready (dough, sauce, cheese and pepperoni) so they went to town. I’d planned to fix Jack, Tj and me sandwiches when their pizzas were cooking, but some parents came to visit! I’d not really considered that happening since these were just kids who’ve come by before to play. I told them they didn’t have to stay and that I’d txt them before I sent their kids home, but they didn’t take the hint :-) Finally about an hour or so in they left and we got to eat. During the time the pizza was cooking the kids played Legos. After I cleaned the table from lunch we went right to work on the cupcake robot. Tj had told the kids (some of whom had whined that they didn’t want to make the cake) that he and I would make it. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time…I was worried they wouldn’t enjoy the time working on it, but at the same time I knew they could do it and I wanted to see how they would make it. In the end the herd decided to make the cake. I re-frosted the cupcakes because they were surprisingly skimpy with the frosting, but gave them free reign with the candy decorations. They had a fun time but didn’t want to wait the extra 15 seconds for me to take a pic of it before they devoured it. They did, though.

Saturday morning when I went in to the boys’ bedroom to check on Jack and the state of his bottom he was laying on the bed with the diapers and wipes (both hard but not impossible for him to reach) and was rubbing his hands down his pants trying to pull his pants off :-) I think we’ll give potty training another go come spring.

Max asked if he could have friends at his birthday party this year. Especially since we might be moving this year we said yes. Tj wanted to invite all of his friends (from Church, Awana, Homeschool Co-op, the neighborhood, etc.), but I didn’t want us to be the ones stuck in the middle making conversation between several groups of friends. I suggested we just invite the neighborhood kids. Tj had suggested we go to the Fun Factory which is full of bouncy castles, but when I cut the list of kids down to the ones who live on our street he nixed that idea. We’ve sent out invites to Noah, Trinity, Austin, Aidan, and Jaxon. That seem like a good number to me :-) I really didn’t want to try to make the kids play specific games. It took me a couple of days but then I figured we’d invite them over Saturday for lunch and let them make their own pizzas, and then decorate their own cake. :-) Make them do the work. Ha!

We’ll see how well I pull it off.

He’s been ‘helping’ me with the dishes lately. I hand him the silverware and he names it and puts it in the right place in the drawer. I tell him whether they’re big spoons or little spoons and he often knows the difference. It’s so sweet to see the huge smile on his face at being a helper. If only kids always stayed so eager to please :-) This morning he handed me each plate (which he calls ‘clate’) and bowl and I put them up. What a sweet time.

I often catch glimpses of how ‘not-of-my-world’ Jack is. I think all babies are like this, they’re just not usually still like this at 4 years old.

Tj and I bought ourselves a Vitamix blender for Christmas. The day it came in the only thing I had the ingredients for was carrot juice. Carrots and a splash of lemon juice. I like carrots, I figured I’d like that. And I had some ginger in the freezer, I’d heard about putting some of that in there, too. So I whipped it up and took a swig…blegh! The consistency was so dry, yucky! Jack came along and drank some and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. That’s what brought this to mind. I’m so full of 30-something years of preconceived notions/opinions/likes/dislikes…everything is seen through a filter. Jack’s filter is pretty clean :-)

Dec 29th Tj, Jack and I were watching TV on the couch. J had his magnadoodle there and was drawing. He’s been recognizing his own name for a while now, several months at least. I decided on a whim to write ‘Max’ and tell him what that spelled. I drew it twice on the board and he seemed to understand it. A little while later I spelled it with magnets on the fridge and again he answered correctly. The next evening, almost 24 hours later, I spelled it onĀ  a piece of paper and asked him what it was…and he said ‘Max’!!! I think he can read two words now! What a trooper :-)

The other day I watched a video I made before Tj returned home…it was Jack putting on his shirt and shorts by himself. That’s convicted me to be better at making him do it himself. He has a few pants he can’t manage over his diaper by himself, and long-sleeve shirts can be tricky, but he does pretty well.