December 2011

was our week in review. Turns out I got a full post today and it’s only 11:55am!! Let’s see…

I only slept 3 hours…I was worried about my big toe. A chair fell on it yesterday; it’s swollen and blue and extremely painful. The doc told me to just stick a nail file under the nail to let the blood out and it would relieve the pressure and pain…isn’t that his job???!!!
At 6:30am I got the courage to stick a needle under there. Turns out you have to do it more than once. Maybe with a file it would only be once, but I really don’t think I can do that.
At 7:20am I went upstairs and was met by Max coming out of their room saying Jack had poop all over his bed. It was liquid, and it was on Max’s too.
I put Jack in the tub and all bedding in the wash.
Jack pooped in the tub. It wasn’t solid.
While I showered (and bleached out the [separate] tub) Jack poured out a gallon of colored (uncooked) pasta on the kitchen floor. He then stepped on and broke half of them. I got these from Wendy to use as math manipulatives.
After telling him every handful to pick up and put in the bag he went into another room and threw a couple of handfuls of legos and little Christmas decorations on the floor. I made him clean those up, too.
An hour or so later he broke the delicate glass ornament Kelly made for us. As far as I know he hasn’t touched the tree since we put it up a week ago…I guess today was the day!
I started working on a pie for tonight’s party. After mixing the ingredients by hand so the powdered sugar wouldn’t fly up I got out the hand mixer; I think the gears are now stripped. I guess you shouldn’t use that on crunchy peanut butter? Second hand-mixer down this year!

I’m ready for lunch and a nap. And maybe public school.

Just walked into the living room to check on Jack and found him using his jump rope like a whip and whipping the tree! Three more ornaments on the floor including a glass ball, but nothing broken. Jump rope out of his reach. That’s why his hand wasn’t cut! Thank goodness.