August 2011

Last Thursday Jack came up to me and said “Get you!” He’s really starting to interact with me…coming up to me and asking for what he wants.

Yesterday he said “Poop” when he was pooping. I put him on the potty tonight but he showed no recognition that he’d pottied, and I didn’t catch him in the act so I couldn’t praise him immediately. I’m gonna try to make the potty chair more of a routine.

Slowly but surely.

When we were in La a few weeks ago everyone kept saying how he’d gotten taller and thinned out so much; I’m beginning to see it.

Today while I was fixing our lunch he came up to me with one boxing glove on, holding out the other glove and told me ‘do it!’. Aw, what an accomplishment! He still rarely comes to tell/ask me anything, and this is the clearest he’s ever made his wishes known. I do have to say, though, that his ‘do it’ comes out as just one word…it’s so cute!

Oh, and Max is growing up, too. Didn’t mean to leave him out! Yesterday he boiled eggs all by himself! He only broke two of them, too! :-) He said he didn’t realize he wasn’t putting them on the island. Huh?! Whatever. He did all the steps; needed a little help on turning on the stove, and then I kept an eye on them to get the heat just right, but he did a great job!

I think I blogged that early this year or late last year we started giving him a dime a day if he did his chores (all of which would take 30 minutes if he actually would just do them!) without me nagging him, and a dollar a week if he got them done every day. He’s never really saved up his money to buy anything, he’s blown his whole amount on a garage sale before, and it never really adds up to much. We do make him split it into thirds (God, save and spend) so I guess it takes a while to build up. Now that I’m writing this I don’t know why I didn’t make him give 1 dime to God and 1 to savings…we were working on basic fractions and I thought it would just be easier to split it evenly…. Anyway, so he was gonna save up his money to buy a sandwich cutter at Wal-Mart for $2 (they have 2 animal shapes together). While he was at the base for Give Parents a Break I saw a dinosaur cutter for 25 cents and offered to let him buy it from me. This all happened a few weeks ago. Just Saturday as we were going into Goodwill I remembered that he hadn’t paid me and reminded him. That commenced 30 minutes of anguish where he just couldn’t believe I would take his 25 cents! I kept telling him he had to pay for the cutter but it made no difference, I ‘had so many 25 cents, why did I need to take his’??!! I asked him how much he’d just paid to go eat at the Crazy Hibachi and he said ‘zero’. I told him I’d just spent $20 for us all to eat and didn’t ask him to pay anything and he said if I had $20 then why did I need his 25 cents? I was laughing so hard (internally); poor kid. I know how he feels, but……….