July 2011

Jack made history last night…he climbed over the gate we’ve kept on the first stair to keep him from going upstairs! Twice yesterday I found him upstairs with the gate still up. The first time I asked Max why he’d put the gate up with Jack upstairs, he said he didn’t. I couldn’t believe Jack could climb it without knocking it down. The second time I figured he must’ve, so I called him down, put the gate up, got my phone and then recorded him climbing over the gate. I think I’m done for now! I guess I’ll just stop putting that gate up. I used both gates on the office door (I hate to shut that door cause that room gets so hot with Tj’s computers in there). Jack is pretty good in bathrooms…as long as we keep the toilet lid down he never messes with the toilet (company usually leaves the lid up, but we’ve always put the lids down since we’ve been married [which is good since I have a habit of dropping things in there by accident!]). The only things I’m really worried about are the glass shower door (which he likes to play with) and the books in the guest room. Guess we’ll just try it a few days and see how it goes.

I’ve been looking at thrift stores for several weeks now for a karate uniform for Max. So far I’ve found 3 adult ones but no kid ones. I went to a different thrift store today and asked the lady about it and she said they usually have a ton, but they just got rid of them all because no one ever bought them! Just my luck! I may have to break down and buy him a new one :-)

We just spent a week in La at Jo’s house, lots of fun. I’m glad to get back here and enjoy some indoor time, though. She just got a pool put in this year so we spent time every day sitting by the pool while our boys swam/played in the water (Jack). Crystal’s gone this week so my boys won’t be crossing the street to go to her pool. Guess next week I should get ready to be hot again.

I’m writing this post as procrastination. I should be cleaning up the house and doing the wash, oh, yeah, and I just remembered it’s Wednesday! Haven’t even thought about supper, and I need to get it ready before church. Huh. Guess I’d better go figure something out.