June 2011

Tj’s been gone for two months…we’re at the halfway point tomorrow. Jack has started back to therapy full-time. Our week is fairly packed.

Sunday church is 8:45-noon and 6:30-7:30pm.
Monday therapy is 20 minutes away from 9-11:30 and Julie comes over around 7:15 to chat/watch Expedition Impossible and Parks and Recreation
Tuesday’s therapist is here from 9-noon
Wednesday back to therapy from 9-11:30 and church is at 6pm
Thursday the therapistis here from 9-noon and we leave for karate at 6:30
Friday and Saturday are our days off.

Pretty much every day I take a nap. If I put Jack down in his room by himself he’ll just play for a few hours before he falls asleep. If I lay down with him he can go to sleep quickly. Today I pulled him into Max’s bed with me, and that’s the sweetest time. Several months ago, maybe even in January, he started liking to scratch his hands on my fingernails. Within a minute of getting in the bed with me he started doing that. I put my phone down (I’ve been able to read a lot of Kindle books this way) and just started scratching his palms and fingers and he was asleep within another minute or two. It was so sweet to watch him falling asleep. I’ve probably already said it here but that is one of the best things about Jack having DS, even at 4 years old I still have a baby. It’s also one of the worst things, but today it was wonderful.

We had VBS last week, and that kicked all our butts. I was the babies-3’s coordinator which wasn’t difficult, but it was constant. We got there at 8:20 and left around 12:30. Jack and I always had a long nap, Max only napped Thursday and Friday. He behaved really well all week, I was so proud of him. He was really helpful in general, though I could tell the week was taking its toll on him, too. He wet his bed the first couple of nights, but I kept my cool since we were all so exhausted. He hasn’t done it again which I think proves my point that it was VBS. However, Saturday night the church had Parent’s Night Out from 5-9pm. When I got back I was told that he’d hit one kid and kicked another! I know he was tired from that week, but that is absolutely no excuse! I was mortified!

Since Jack’s therapy started back up I’ve been getting Max to finish all his chores before we leave the house. While Jack and I are napping Max can watch 1 movie in Spanish. So far every day for 2 1/2 weeks now it’s been Clone Wars. Heh. He still has to sort the laundry but I pretty much fold it all and put it up. The days go so quickly I’m having trouble fitting everything in. I still want him to have lots of play time with his friends, but with Jack’s therapy and then the movie/nap thing he’s not available to play till about 4/4:30. He doesn’t play with friends on Sunday, and doesn’t get to play much on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday because of our activities. Oh, well. that’s the breaks I guess. He does go to bed later than last year when Tj deployed since he’s out with his friends often, or they’re over here.

Going upstairs to show him how to clean his whole bathroom, toilet included, before the babysitter comes tomorrow.