April 2011

Or anyone else. That’s the new rule.

Max has talked about Tj or me dying within the last 6 months…I don’t know if it has to do with Monmon dying or something else; but I don’t act like it’s a big deal. I just smooth over the conversation and then change topics in a minute or two. He’s also always talked about moving into other boys’ houses. I can tell it’s because he loves their toys, and the food they have and the fact that their tv’s are on almost all of the time. I don’t take offense, I figure all kids are probably somewhat like this.

But today at lunch he asked who his mom and dad would be if we died while he was a boy. I told him we’d always be his mom and dad, but that he would probably go live with some of our family. He said he wished Aden (neighbor boy down the street) was his family. He wished Daddy would die while he was still a boy so he could go live with Aden. He likes Aden’s face now, but probably when Aden grows up and his face looks different he won’t like it as much. !!!!!!!!!!!

Or under the house in our case. We have a small metal panel that closes off our crawlspace. I never paid much attention to it, but a few weeks ago I noticed it was opened. I closed it, and a few days (?) later Tj closed it again; we even got a call from our neighbor that it was open at one point. By this time we were worried that there was a or some cats living under there…but how do we make sure? One of the guys at Tj’s work told him not to go under there in case there was a possum or raccoon there; they’d be so aggressive. So I suggested we close it up and see what happened…we did that a week and a half ago Saturday. A full week later just as I was breathing a sigh of relief we heard a cat. I went on the back porch to see if there was one out there…nothing. We opened up the panel and saw a black and white cat looking at us. I got some tuna on a plate to entice it out. It came out and ate it but before I could shut the panel it ran back inside. We tried a couple more times, then Tj crawled under there to try to flush it out. Only thing is the house is so wide the cat had no trouble keeping away from the door and Tj. We shut it back up and let it get hungry again. I was leery of just leaving the panel open and having more cats come in…at this point we were pretty sure there was only one. Now the cat was meowing all the time; we could barely hear it, but it was there. Tuesday I tried the tuna again but sat farther away hoping the cat would be bolder. It was. It ate, sunned itself, and though I still hadn’t made a move toward it it then sauntered back under the house!!! Idiot! (The cat, not me.) I called a neighbor and asked if I could use her dog to flush it out…no dice. I didn’t want to call humane services because I’d heard they’d charge $300. I went to the store Wednesday and bought bug bombs and moth balls. I was only gonna get the bombs but then met a woman from our church there and she said she’d had a skunk (!!!) under her porch stinking up her whole house for a month (!!!) and moth balls drove it out. I bought 2 boxes but when I talked to the HIPPY chick she told me that they’re super potent and I should only use 1/2 a box. Glad I talked to her before stinking up my house with them! Finally last night (Thursday) Tj got under there with 1/2 a box. By the time he’d put them all out the cat was out! Now I’m airing out the house. It started smelling like cat pee about the 5th day although we didn’t recognize that smell. I think it’s just about gone, thank goodness!

Well, Jack’s officially enrolled in Wee Care for next year. He’s in the oldest 2’s. I really wanted him in 3’s (he’ll turn 4 in two months), but I’m not completely sure that in 5 months when school starts he’ll be able to sit at a table with other kids and follow simple steps without constant supervision. I think he’ll be getting lots of play time and some one-on-one craft time. This class will make him ready for the next class and we may have the option to move him up during the school year. I’m so pleased with how much time Diane (the Wee Care lady) spent with me deciding this.

Jack has just come along so much this year. I bet I posted about this recently, but if I spend time re-reading those posts (which is so much fun) I’ll never finish this. As it is both boys are up in their room. Jack has been sleeping in the toddler bed for a while now. When he wakes up he plays with toys, but doesn’t trash the room. I’m so excited about this. I think enough time has passed that I’ve forgotten what a big thing this is. Wow.

He’s drinking out of a big-boy cup, too!! What a big boy! He has no concept of spilling yet, but earlier this year, before I went on vacation I helped him drink out of a cup and he didn’t hold his bottom lip to the cup. Last week I started up again and he holds it close now. Amazing. Tj’s anxious to get him completely switched over, but he’s so prone to spilling that I’m hesitant. Also, when he spills a little bit, he just goes ahead and dumps out the rest of the cup and plays in it. I guess it’s logical to a 3-yr-old.

Just had a funny scenario. I was talking to Crystal outside her house. I saw Aden and Max run towards Aden’s house. Half an hour later when I was ready to find Max I walked to Aden’s house: no boys. Walked to Austin’s house: no boys. Walked to my house: Aden and Max. Hollered across the street to Crystal: Austin was there playing with Noah. Heh. I’m so glad we live on such a great street with so many friends and good houses to go to!

I’ve decided to take the boys on more field trips. After Gmom left I brought them to the Clinton Museum for a Seuss display. I didn’t bring the stroller in with us and Jack did a pretty good job. We were there at least 2 hours, probably 3; I forgot to keep track. We went back to the car at one point for snacks and a diaper change. This week we went to Seussical the Musical at a LR high school. Jack sat on my lap for half of it and on a chair by me for the second half. He did really well there. Hope I’ve blogged about the other play we went to…Jungle Book.

Gonna go feed the boys now; will have to finish up later.