October 2010

And I had such great things to say, too!

Two weeks ago on Monday we went to our first day of Homeschool Co-op (it was their 2nd day, we missed the first). I was pretty hesitant to put Max in the Co-op because there’s only one option for Kindergartners, and from what I read about it I could teach it. Why am I going to spend money (ok, it’s only $48 for the entire school year, but still) and give up one of my precious mornings when I could teach him at home? And while he’s there I have to volunteer somewhere at the Co-op. But I decided to give it a try. So we show up the first day and I go to drop Jack off and the nursery’s not there yet (of course…it’s all volunteers). We all three go to G-lab for the opening. It’s harried and hectic, we don’t have nametags, nobody knows what’s going on, blah blah blah. We finally all get settled and then I go to the director to see where I’ll be volunteering. One of her teachers had an emergency and wasn’t there, the Spanish teacher. I wondered if I should tell her I speak Spanish…then all of a sudden she looked right at me and in a joking voice asked me if I spoke Spanish! So guess who taught the beginner’s Spanish class that day!

It actually went very well. There were 16 6-8 year olds. Most of them took turns, I didn’t feel flustered. I didn’t speak as much Spanish as I wanted to, but all in all it was a success.

Well, Max is putting his blue blanket on my head and calling me Mary, guess I’d better go.