September 2010

Sometime right around starting homeschool Tj sat Max down and told him how to pronounce several words. For the most part Max has a good vocabulary, but he has held on to three words in baby-speak.

open-eel is how he’s said oatmeal for forever

brepris was breakfast

old McDonald’s was just McDonald’s

They’re all cute, but we figured if he went to public school he’d begin to notice/change his pronunciation. Our firstborn is growing up!

I’ve been putting off blogging so long…there’s no telling how much my Jack has changed since the last time I wrote. Tj’s been on a 6-month deployment and returned, we’ve been to Disney World and Pensacola and back…a lot has happened. I’m hoping that with us starting homeschool, such a big endeavor, I’ll get back to blogging regularly. We’ll see.

Around the time Tj came back Jack’s speech took off. He really started repeating a lot of what we say. I made a list of all the words he says now and here it is:

up (sounds like ‘bup’ with his hands like six-guns pointing up…soooo cute!)
Max (he stopped saying Max right around the time Tj left, then about a month before he came back he started saying ‘Ax’, and now it’s changed to ‘Bax’)
toy (oy)
tree (teee)
light (liiiii)
bottle (bobble)
arm (mam)
feet (never foot which trips me up a bit)
chair (nuuu)
clean up (nuu uuuu)
boy (oy)
outside (gee-daw…don’t ask me, I have no idea how he gets one from the other)
daddy (said very slowly as two distinct syllables)

He recognizes but doesn’t really say his nose, mouth and eyes. He can whistle. I visited Mom just before Tj came home and she told me he was doing that. It’s an actual whistle, but he doesn’t quite have the hang of it…he can’t always do it on command.

When he turned 3 he stopped having therapy under the Early Intervention Program and now is under the Dept of Education. Their guidelines say there must be a psychologist on staff for him to receive Developmental Therapy. Since there’s not a psychologist at Allied as of his birthday he’s only been receiving Speech, PT and OT. He just started going to the local public school from 8:30am till 10:45 for all four therapies, and boy is he whipped when we get home, poor kid. I’ve had to think more about what I feed him to make sure we don’t have any arguments…I have to give him finger foods since he’s so tired out.

Another change is two weeks ago Tj said that poor baby should be in a real bed. He’s been in a pack-n-play almost the whole time we’ve been in this house…(those are much easier to clean out when he explodes from his diaper which he used to do often) although the mattress in this pack-n-play is 3″ of foam. So we put the little toddler bed we got from Crystal in the guest room and put up the fence around it. Unlike Max I know if Jack spent any time in that room by himself he’d tear up everything within reach. He’s been doing pretty good in that bed, although he loves to bang that fence against the wall! The other morning when he didn’t feel well and slept later I saw that he was asleep on the floor. Last night around midnight I checked on him before going to bed and he was on the floor so I put him in his bed. This morning at 3am Max wet the bed and woke me up so I checked on Jack again…again on the floor! So much for getting that boy a real mattress!

Well, I’ve got to go get on homeschool. Hopefully I’ll keep up with the updates. We’ll see.