August 2010

Well, we had our first day of homeschool! And it was a success. Of course the curriculum I’m using calls for Max to get a present from his dad today so that’s always good.

It only took us an hour which is very little, and Max is definitely beyond what I taught him today…part of me thinks I should change what I’m doing, and the other part says if I’m going to be adding in Hippy and Hooked on Phonics, with a possible Spanish addition to come later then using this isn’t a problem. I guess we’ll see as we go along.

The way I planned the day we’d take Jack to therapy (usually starts at 8:30 but today and Thursday it’ll be 8:15), get groceries with Max, pick Jack up at 10:45, unload groceries, do a little school while Jack rests and has a snack, Jack to bed while Max and I school, Max plays the Wii. Of course I was forgetting that an hour to unload groceries and do some schoolwork is completely unreasonable…especially if I haven’t completed all prep work the night before. And then the hot tub guy called and came by around noon…

So what actually happened is that we got home about 11:10, unloaded groceries while Jack had a snack, I fixed their lunch and they ate while I talked to the hot tub guy, put Jack to bed and then I ate my lunch while Max played (not the Wii). I got ready for school while he cleaned up the living room and we started school at 1:30pm. I ended going up to Jack’s room 3 or 4 times during school…but all in all it was a great first day.