February 2010

In lieu of an acutal post I’m just gonna blog some changes I’ve seen in the boys.

Max has started coloring in the lines, and everything in the picture. I’ve stopped getting him to unload the dishes, but he has a list of chores he has to do before he can play the wii. He’s been getting gum every chance he can. He’s good with it so far, nothing stuck to anything else.

Jack is making small headway with stopping the thumb sucking…it’s such a habit, but we’re working on it. I’m sure it’ll be several more months, if not longer, before he doesn’t automatically stick his hands in his mouth. We started putting a “thumb-shirt” on him as soon as we came back from Christmas. I’ve taped his hands occasionally, leaving his fingers free.

I called mom last night to say Jack seems to be obeying more. During the week we were snowed in (Feb 8-12th) I spanked him so many times…the favorites were pulling all the kleenex out of the box/playing with stuff in that drawer, and pulling the umbrella stand down (sucking his hands goes w/o saying). I realized last night he was doing better and so called mom. Of course today he’s found more things to do that he already knows are no-no’s; he pulled a leaf off my plant, etc. Crazy kid.

I put Curious George in Jack’s bed the other night and he immediately picked him up and hugged him and made a sweet sound. It’s fun to watch him with CG, but I invariably find CG on the floor along with his pillow and blanket. :-)

Jack’s been growing up so much lately. This month he’s really been helping me get his clothes on/off. If I take his arms out of his sleeves he can get his shirt over his head. He can pull it on over his head, too.

We’re working on getting him to pick up food (like a piece of bread) and take a bite of it. So far whatever is in his hand goes into his mouth, no matter how big it is.

For pity’s sake, I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this stinking post, but it’s driving me crazy! I don’t even have that much to say, but I think this has been up on my computer for about a month! Hopefully I can finish it now.

It’s funny, it’s hard to put into words all the things Jack is doing now that make me realize he’s really hit a growth spurt. He’s cutting (at least) two teeth, one of them his back right bottom molar, the other in the front on the bottom. He just learned to say eat (eeeee!) yesterday!! Hallelujah! It’s been a while since he’s said any new things. It does seem that he knows what he’s saying when he says it…unlike ‘mama’ which still sometimes means ‘more’. And almost always when you say ‘dada’ he hits himself on the chest, silly kid!┬áJust the other day he practically buckled his top seatbelt all by himself!

I guess the sum of it is he’s becoming more aware of things outside his own body (not that he’s that aware of his own body, but…). But boy is the boy stubborn!!! He’s so much more stubborn than Max was at this age. Half the time when you call his name he doesn’t even look at you. And you can say come as much as you want but he only comes when he wants to. But one of the things that he does that drives me up the wall is he won’t tell me no. He hits stuff out of my hands or tries to hit me and he fusses at me, but he doesn’t seem to understand if he’d just tell me no that would get the job done.

Ok, there, I’m not even gonna proofread this one. Hopefully my next post won’t be so torturous.