January 2010

Three days ago Max and I heard the radio announcer say something about a supermarket. Max said: Supermarket, that’s where super heros go to shop

I started this post last month and didn’t post it before the end of the year…so here goes:

Max stopped sucking his thumb completely.

With the help of the potty alarm Max stopped wearing diapers at night. (He has an accident every other month or so.)
Jack learned how to walk, twice.
Jack can feed himself semisolid foods (oatmeal) with a spoon.
We’ve started working on Jack not sucking his thumb/hands.
Max got a chore chart…now if he completes all his chores w/o me reminding him too often he gets a reward.
Jack has started going to his chair unassisted at mealtimes.
Max cleans up all the toys outside and inside without me overseeing him.
Max puts up most of the dishes he can reach out of the dishwasher.
Max can button his shirt and snap/zip his pants.
Jack learned (in December) to climb the stairs on his hands and knees, he learned earlier this year to climb down.