October 2009

I recently printed out a ‘chore chart’ for Max to follow in the mornings. Yesterday I drew a line about 2/3 down and said everything above the line had to be done before he had any play time. He asked if the line could be moved up one chore…he didn’t want to vacuum under the table. I told him no, that he had to do that too. He said one day when it was just him and Jack, when I was gone, he was going to secretly move the line, was that ok? Heh, silly kid. :-)

Fyi, his chores are eat, take medicine, clean off table, brush teeth, dress, vacuum (dustbuster under the table), make his bed, clean up toys, school. We’ve never made it to make up bed yet…Jack broke his leg not long after I made this chart.

From the back of the truck…

“Do I know how to drive a time machine?”

It cracks me up when he asks me if he knows how to do stuff.

Max said this morning that he can’t wait to start ‘school bus school’. I told him definitely he’s going to homeschool (I’ve hinted at it before, but this was the first time it was definite). He said “How many times do I have to tell you that when I’m 8 I can ride any bus I want?” Hmmm…where’s he heard that first part before?

Today it was asked… who do I love more…Max or Bolt?

Ever since he saw the movie we’ve been living with an imaginary dog (my favorite kind). Max will walk down the hallway turning his head this way and that and say he’s feeling Bolt’s fur. We have to acknowledge him at the table, and at bedtime, too. This is such a sweet time.

Bolt’s not his first imaginary friend, but I think he’s his most active.

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