July 2009

While driving into our subdivision tonight we saw two downed trees.

“I think someone pushed them over” I said.

“Yeah,” he said, “a strong strong strong man, with no clothes on.”


Sometimes the only bad thing about DS is that Jack does the same things other kids do…just longer. I do wonder if the longer is just in my head, but I don’t think so.

This morning feeding Jack went much as usual. He fusses often, but I don’t know why. I think it’s because he’s frustrated with his lack of communication ability…who knows? Maybe his teeth hurt…I do think he’s getting some new teeth. But anyway…

I had him in his booster and was feeding him. He was fussing at me so much. I tapped his mouth 3 separate times and told him ‘no fussing’; that did nothing but make him madder. Which made me madder. So I pulled him out of his seat and set him on the floor 15 feet away. I told him he could come to his chair if he wanted to eat. He stumped over to the laundry room door and then stumped in a circle, all the while fussing. A minute or so later he stumped over to his chair. I was telling him ‘don’t fuss, say mama’ and he finally just started crying ‘mama’ while walking (hanging on to my chair) to his chair. I strapped him in and asked if he wanted a drink, he didn’t. He kept crying so I held him on my lap and fed him the same stuff I’d fed him at first, and he ate calmly. That was fine this morning, but I can’t always feed him on my lap, so I buckled him in his booster again, and the fussing started again. I hugged him, and started feeding him and he calmed down and ate it this time.

Was it just me? This is what I was doing when he commenced to fussing in the first place! I just don’t know what to do. It seems like this has been going on forever, but really I can pinpoint when this started. When I brought the boys to stay with mom while I went to Puerto Rico with Tj for Valentine’s day Jack had never displayed a temper. Less than a month later when we visited mom again I clearly noticed his temper. Sometime around the beginning of March Jack’s temper came in with full force. Maybe the one thing he’s done early is start the terrible two’s. Humph.