May 2009

Last night at supper Max left his (used) napkin on the table. After a minute or two Jack picked it up and held it loosely to his nose and blew! He did this 3 or 4 more times…it was so funny. That little kid cracks me up (when he’s not making me pull my hair out). :-)

A few minutes later he reared back and then slammed his head down on the table. He hit his mouth and tore that little flap of skin that connects his top lip with his gums. I couldn’t believe how much blood kept gushing out, almost with his heartbeat! Poor baby. He stopped breathing so I hit his back a few times, then he started gagging on all the blood in his mouth. Needless to say my clothes were covered with blood. He was all better about a minute later. Ted gave him some popsicle, but I don’t think he even needed it. It looks really bad up there now. Poor kid!

Mama, who were your grandfathers?

They’re dead now, but they were called Papaw and Pawpaw.

Well, I’ll be your grandfather now. How did they die?

I don’t know, they just died. (Started to say they were old, but didn’t want him to think all old people die…how do I answer this?)

Oh, you mean they were ten?

Then when I said they were older than that he asked me 45 other questions about how old they were…15? 8-1-0? a million?


Yesterday he said he wanted to be an astronaut when he grows up. Today it was a teacher, then he said he just wants to be a daddy. He wants to be Jack’s daddy. :-)