February 2009

Man, I’ve been forgetting to blog these little (big) milestones of Jack’s. And I need to update on Max, too.

Jack is just a few days past 20 months. I just heard him grinding his teeth for the first time last night at supper! That means a bottom molar has broken through! Right now he has a bottom front (left) tooth, and two top molars; two bottom molars and his front right tooth are breaking through. The dentist says it looks like he has an extra upper front tooth…this may be why his top teeth are slow to come.

He makes signs for drink, eat, finished, up and more. He dances so funnily, too! He moves his arms around in slo-mo, almost like he’s been doing drugs. :-) He can blow kisses and play ‘where’s Jack?’, although he may cover only one eye, or both, or an eye and an ear…it depends.

He’s pulling up on everything. He has his good days and his bad days with walking…his bad days are when he doesn’t even want to take one step before he becomes noodle-like hanging from my hands. But most days, if you get a toy in front of him he’ll walk across the room.

Tj left for Puerto Rico last Saturday morning. That night I started using the ‘potty alarm’ on Max. You pin the vibrating alarm to the inside of his shirt, and then run a wire down to his underwear with a moisture sensor. I didn’t know if it was gonna work, really. For two weeks he’d been sleeping in his underwear and wetting himself nightly. He’s never minded having a dirty or wet diaper on, and these two weeks just proved that. He started out gingerly walking to me for help in getting out of his wet clothes, but the last 3 or so days he’d started playing in his room until it was time to come downstairs. Since he had no real desire to stay dry I wasn’t sure the alarm would work, but since Tj was out of town I moved Max to a pallet next to my side of the bed. The first three nights as soon as the alarm sounded I began telling Max ‘stop pottying stop pottying!’ and walked him to the potty. Poor boy, he cried when I took his clothes off and put him on, he was just sooooo sleepy! Last night before I was fully awake he was walking to the potty! He couldn’t figure out how to get the sensor off, but other than that he took care of himself! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see how long before he’s fully trained.

A while ago a picture came up on the computer of Max and me in the hospital the day he was born. He asked “Is that hop-sital on a boat or on the grass?”


Max said tonight that he wants to be a sheriff. Like Woody, I asked? He said no, like a cooking sheriff. Heh, a chef.