Max is 4!

Max turned 4 while we were at Great Wolf Lodge last week. Mom called to wish him a happy birthday and must’ve said something like “You’re getting as big as your Daddy!”. Max replied thoughtfully/excitedly “I wonder who’s daddy I’m gonna be!? Maybe I’ll be Addison’s daddy.” (Addison is our 16-year-old neighbor that Max has […]


I realized the other day that I haven’t written about our Christmas yet. Well, that’s silly since I really haven’t blogged for 6 months or more…but you gotta start somewhere…so I’m starting with the new year (including Christmas from last year). We had the best Christmas ever. They’re all really great Christmases, but this one […]


Max told me that after his lunch he needed to go look in the mirror to see if his eyes moved when he turned his head. We talked about it a bit during lunch, and he told me that on one of the numerous Christmas movies (many of them the old claymation ones from our […]