November 2008

Most likely it’s because I’m tired…and Tj’s flying tonight, so I’m a little lonely, too. But what spurred this (self-indulgent) post is a comment on another blog. I’ll likely take this down in a few days…but maybe not.

A woman was lamenting that she didn’t know exactly when she¬†conceived¬†her baby because now they didn’t know when to administer some invasive test. A commenter said something about the risk of her baby having “horrible diseases like Downs”. I know that before Jack I felt sorry for anyone with Down Syndrome. And I felt bad for their parents, too. But a horrible disease???

Of course I’m only hurt because of my sweet Jack. But really, people. I’ve learned so much in these last 17 months. What a sweet boy my boy is. I hope there is nothing to hold him back as he grows…but then I hope the same thing for his brother. I remember a couple of months ago feeling sorry for Jack, and then I realized he’s happy and healthy…if he’s not sorry why should I be? Of course he’ll be different from a lot of other people, but so will Max. So am I. So are we all.

It’s easy for me to see this…I’m living it first-hand (or am I second-hand?). I guess I just want the whole world to see Jack, not Down Syndrome. Don’t look for things he can’t do (as I find myself doing sometimes, too), but just see Jack.

It’s funny the lessons your kids teach you. I’m sure I’d never have learned this without Jack.