March 2008

I just told him to put his underwear on. After telling me he’s having trouble I told him to show me what he was doing…of course he’s playing around. So then he sits on the floor and ‘reads’ the tag, and it says:

 “Max, put this in the back, please.”

I started giving Max a memory verse this week, Sunday was the first one. Monday I asked him what it was and he said “I know about the children, and I know about the Ephesians….” I guess that was a pretty good start for Ephesians 6:1.

Where does the Lord live? He lives in Cabot! So says Max. 

What is the heck of that???

 I said ‘you’re a son of a gun’ and Max said ‘Jack, you’re a son of a gun’. Silly kid.

  We were getting them into their carseats after my Wednesday morning Bible study and Max said ‘I so love Jack, even when he spits up!’ as he was doing just then.

  Recently he’s told us a few times ‘you’re ice-cream’ and then he licks us!!! What a surprise it was that first time! :-) 

I’ve realized recently that some of the time (or the whole time?) he’s been singing ‘I’ve been working on the railroad’ that he actually says Red Road. Heh.

I haven’t sat down to write a post in such a long time. And as so often happens now that I have a few minutes I can’t remember what it was I wanted to write about. Sigh. Guess I’ll just do a general update.

Jack’s 9 month well-baby appointment was March 6th…the day after he turned 9 months. He’s doing well physically. They took his blood then and saw that his tsh levels were a little high. He was 16 lbs and 12 oz, 26.5 inches long and 42cm head circumference. All in all he was just about 50th percentile for each item on the Down Syndrome growth charts. I think he was a little shy on the height, but that’s about right for our kids. :-)

Because of his height (just like Max, back in the day) we moved him to Max’s old carseat February 19th. I think Tj was opposed a little…just like with Max, but the carseat guidelines are clear. 26 inches is the maximum height allowed in that infant seat. Surprisingly it’s been easier to get around without carting Jack in that seat. My arm feels like it’s gonna break off holding him sometimes, and sometimes I bring in the carseat anyway (he doesn’t sit up by himself yet, thanks DS) but all in all it’s not the great pain in the butt I thought it would be.

 Around that same time we started weaning Max off his thumb-sucking. I made a sticker chart and we safety pinned a tube sock to a shirt he slept in for naps and at night. I guess it was a good thing we did this in winter. :-) We took the sock off his shirt after about two weeks, but we both felt we could have done that sooner. He’s been sleeping with a bandaid around his thumb since then. We use it both for a reminder for him and so that we can see for ourselves that he hasn’t sucked it. He’s gone through two boxes of ‘special’ bandaids (cars and Nemo) but we may stop using the bandaids soon.

Well, Max is up and around now so I’m gonna try to make another Maxism post and then it’s down to business again.