January 2008

I’ve been going through my calendar and saw some things I’m pretty sure I haven’t blogged.

Jack really smiled at me August 4th…he was 2 months old.

There were a couple of days in August where Max didn’t have potty in his diaper after his nap or overnight, but he’s still consistently wetting them. Since we potty trained him in July I can probably count on one hand the times he’s woken up dry. I don’t mind that at all, just noting. He has completely stopped pooping in his diaper…although after we moved into the house he did poop in it once or twice, I think. That was the crazy thing…we were out of our house from Nov 14th until Dec 28. We had 2 days in a hotel in Turkey, a week at Mrs. Deb’s in NJ, a week at Mon’s house in LA, 3 weeks in a hotel in AR, 2 days at Kel’s house in TN, 2 days at Mon’s house, and 6 days spent in the car or on planes in all that time. I don’t think Max had any accidents during that time…but the day or day after we moved into this house he started wetting his pants! Poor kid…he was such a trooper, but I was so flabbergasted that he started showing signs of stress after the stress was over for us. We’ve cracked down on the pants-wetting, and he still has trouble about once a week or so keeping it all in the potty (not on the floor, etc), but he’s doing pretty good. We’re waiting a little bit longer on cutting out the thumb-sucking, and I’m letting him wear a diaper to bed and at naptime for now.

Sometime in late September Max started getting out of his bed after his nap/night and coming downstairs by himself. For almost 3 years I’ve been the one putting an end to his bed/naptime, guess the fun’s over!

Max went to the dentist Oct 2nd and did great. I wanted him to go to a military dentist where I wouldn’t be pressured to buy anything and they would give me an honest opinion of his teeth. The guy was really good with Max. He showed Max how he was gonna ‘count his teeth’ by poking M’s fingernails with the scraper, and then he poked M’s teeth a little…all in all a terrific first visit. 

From November:

I’ve noticed that Max says ‘hand-burger’ instead of hamburger. Heh.

“That flag was flagging around!”

Max was going to ride the tractor with Pawpaw for (at least) the second time and he said “Pawpaw, let’s don’t stop”.

On Nov 27th Max wrote his name all by himself!!! He’s 2 months shy of 3 years here.

This same day I found a lump in my breast. On Dec 13th I saw the flight doc and on the 20th I saw a surgeon about it. It was at least as big around as a dime, and maybe even a nickle. It didn’t change in size at all until the 18th…when I felt it then it was half the size! I couldn’t believe it. I’d felt it every day until I saw the doc, and then about every other day and then two days before I go to that appt it’s less than half the size. I think because it shrunk the doc wasn’t concerned at all. He said it could be the beginning of an abcess. I think it’s all the way gone now. Tj and I were both thinking that that was a ‘great’ way to end our ‘great’ year.

From December:  

On our first drive up to AR when we were 90% there Max said ‘I don’t want to see a lot of trees, please’. I think that was his way of saying he was tired of being in the car. He’s used it a few times since…and frankly, at that point I usually don’t want to see a lot of trees either.

While we were staying in the hotel on base in AR Max, Jack and I went to the little lobby/play area there. While we were coloring and airmen were walking by every once in a while Max asked if airmen could wear pink underwear! This really cracked me up. Where did he come up with that???!!

Since we left Turkey he’s been asking to go to McDonalds or Burger King often. We stopped at their playgrounds a couple of times during our drives and I think that’s what’s spurred this on. He often says ‘Do you want to go to Old McDonalds, Mama?’ And once after I told him no several times he said ‘Look at how pretty that playground at Burger King is!’ He’s really getting to be a smart kid. :-)

He says ‘How-da-no I can do this, Mama?’

On Dec 11th Max wrote ‘Mama’ without any help.

By the time we were in billeting in AR Jack was rolling over and over…but mostly only one way, towards his right. He was 6 months old then. It’s hard to pinpoint a lot of his developmental milestones here because we were traveling so much. Poor kid, he spent a lot of time in his carseat or in our arms…he didn’t have tons of time to himself on the floor. But once we got to the hotel I started putting him down on blankets on the floor. Once we were in Max’s room…there were two twin beds. At the foot of the beds I put Jack’s blanket. It didn’t take too long for Jack to roll between the twins all the way to the head of those beds. I told Max Jack was coming to see him.

On Dec 28th on the drive back to AR from LA Jack started saying ‘ya ya ya ya’. It’s funny how many things from Jack’s childhood I’m watching for that I never even thought about with Max. Because Max didn’t have Down’s I just waited for him to do what he was gonna do. I figured he’d be ahead of some kids and behind some others. But with Jack I have pediatricians and therapists and books all telling me that Jack should be doing this and I should be doing that with him to cause him to do this…I’m paying much more attention to all of the steps in the process of him growing up. I’m not glad Jack has Down’s, but I’m not taking his achievements as for granted as I did Max’s (yeah, I know that sounds awkward, but whatever). I’m not taking him for granted as much as I did Max, either, but I also feel a lot more guilty when I don’t exercise him, or let a day go by without making him practice something. Motherhood is a bear, sometimes.

From January:

We drove by a car lot with balloons tied on a car and Max said ‘That car is having a party!’

Jack sat up by himself for the first time on the 14th!!!! I propped him up with his hands on the floor and he stayed propped up for 10 seconds or so. I called Tj in and Jack did it 5 or 6 more times! What a big boy!

A week later on the 21st Jack had his developmental/speech/physical evaluation. He looks good, but he’s definitely falling behind a little. In some areas he’s behaving as a seven-month-old, and in other areas he’s down to a two-month-old. Tj says that some areas are just a yes or no thing…if he’s not holding his arms out for us to pick him up they have to mark him down a couple of months, but then if he holds his arms out today his mark would immediately change. We’ve seen him do that with a couple of things that need practice, too…he didn’t show any interest in rolling over, and then one day he rolled over six times; he didn’t show any interest in sitting up and then one day he did it several times in a row for a long time each time. He’s done several things now that they questioned me about and I just want to call them up and tell them and have them tell me he’s doing just what a 7-month-old should do…but I know that’s not how it works.

They seemed happy with his progress and said that he practically didn’t qualify for some of the therapies based on his behavior, but (as I understand it) because he has Down’s (or because he’s on the border of needing the therapy) they’ll get him in.

All in all it was a good eval. The place is 10-15 minutes north of our house and I’ll be able to bring Max…Max played with the other toys in the room and after it was over one of the women let him jump on the indoor/in-ground full-size trampoline!

As for Jack now…since the eval he’s started holding his hands out for us to pick him up. He’s not consistent but he’s trying. He’s also reached for his bottle to hold it. I dropped a toy and he watched it/looked for it. He turned to his name, although it’s hit or miss with this one. He’s learning. He’s growing. He’s doing what a baby should do…and he’s such a sweet boy while he’s doing it! He smiles all the time, and laughs and giggles…what a sweet boy!


Some posts I’ve been meaning to publish…all lumped into one:


From Nov 9: Maxisms


Thank you very (that’s it, no much, just that)

Der welcome

co pa to (potato)

ca petti (spaghetti)

ca prise!!! (surprise)


Last night Max told me “Mama, I  want to go to the BX and get some grown-up food”. When I asked him what grown-up food was he didn’t give me any specifics…he just said he wanted some…”and that’s the story”. Huh? Where did he pick that up? Silly kid.


He came to me the other day saying he had a baby. I saw the wadded up blanket in his hand and thought it was empty…but Ted said there was something in there. It took me a few minutes to figure out that it’s the dog-chewed stopper from his door!


This morning he said he had to feed his baby his milk. Ted realized before I did that Max wanted to breast-feed his baby! He seemed a little embarrassed to do it…hid his face behind the blanket…he was laying down…but his baby got to drink some milk. It was all Ted and I could do to hold it together.


From Nov 11: while we were in the commissary Max said “Look, there’s dog cereal!” when we saw a big bag of dog food.

I don’t know why I’m always shocked that so much time has passed since the last time I wrote…but 2 1/2 months! Hopefully that’s the longest I’ve gone without writing so far.

The boys and I have been in this house two weeks today. I guess it’s a good time to try to get back to writing. I never know where to start when it’s been this long a break, though. Sigh.

Well, now I see I had some other posts but I just haven’t posted them…I’ll have to do that after this. Ok, I’m really starting now…guess I’ll do updates on the boys…Jack is doing well. For the last two weeks I’ve been giving him a bowl of applesauce or mashed banana mixed with rice cereal…and then Wednesday I gave him his first veggie…green beans. I think he’s really hungry. Every day I’ve given him more food then the last, but I think tomorrow he needs even more. I’m gonna try breastfeeding in the morning and then a bowl of fruit, lunch two jars of veggies and half a banana and supper the same…breastfeeding at least every meal. Since around the time we left Turkey he’s been getting a bottle of formula/cereal/prune juice/vitamins at night. I don’t think I got serious about it until we came up here to Little Rock Dec 3rd. Now it’s 9 oz every night without fail. He doesn’t have as much of a routine as Max did, but here it is:

wakes anywhere from 6-7:30, depending on how loud Max is, and breastfeeds

takes a 1-hour nap around 9am

I’m trying to stave off lunch until noon so I can feed the boys together

I try to get Max in bed by 1 at the earliest

Jack goes down for a nap sometime after Max

Jack doesn’t have a usual wake-up time, but he feeds, and now has some jarred food and then goes to sleep again

I get him up anytime after 9pm for his last bottle and he goes right back to sleep.

I think Jack isn’t as aware of himself as Max was at this age. It’s kinda hard to put into words, but I guess he’s just more of a baby than Max was. It’s always funny to compare them and see how alike/unalike they are. Of course I always wonder how much (if at all) Downs has to do with it, and how much is just the normal differences between siblings. Jack spits up all the time, Max practically never did. Jack smiles all the time, Max practically never did. They both wanted to stand up a lot. Jack talks/yells all the time, Max practically never did until he turned about 1.5 years…now I can’t get him to be quiet for anything! Jack is such a cuddler, Max wasn’t. The both have the same amount (practically none) and color of hair. They’re both so fat, although Max has slimmed down in the last several months. They both have such fat feet…they’re so thick. I’m sure I’m gonna have just as much trouble buying shoes for Jack as I did for Max. They both sleep so much…much more than any other baby I’ve heard of.

Well, it’s not long, and I’ve got a ton more to write, but it’s a start. Tj’s working nights and this weekend so I’m gonna go get Jack up for his last feeding and then take a bath in our big new tub.