September 2007

I didn’t think I said that often, but many times lately Max has been asking questions with that at the end. ‘Look at all those stars up there, Mama. Can I have them or not?’ ‘Mama, do you like Daddy’s gloves or not?’ Silly kid.

He’s really coming into his own, now, and it’s not pretty. This week he’s been telling me how it is in a very ugly tone. I hate to hear him talk to me like that. I’m trying to nip it in the bud…but it pains me so to remember how I used to feel when I was disciplined. I wish I could make him understand all that I’ve learned so far…but I guess that’s never how it goes. It’s just part of life that we have to go through this process. Hopefully we both make it out alive!

A month or so ago there was a movie showing at the pool and Max and I went. It was The Little Mermaid…I didn’t go for the movie, but just to say I’d seen a movie at the pool…you know? Max really had a blast. I brought his floatie that has leg holes so I could have my hands free, and the lifeguards had all of the rental innertubes out in the water so I got one of those for a while. At first Max just splashed and played so much…we had a great time. About halfway through the movie I got bored…then Tj showed up with Jack. He was taking a stroll and saw that the movie wasn’t near the end so he decided to visit us. That really perked me up and after Tj went back home Max and I stayed for the whole thing. We got home around 10pm or so and hit the hay.

Ever since then I’ve been pestering Tj to bring us all to the pool…I really didn’t know how I’d be able to take care of both boys by myself, and Melca gave me a free family pass to the pool. We finally went a couple of weeks ago. We left the house at 11:30 and were really shocked when we got back in the truck and the clock said 2pm. We played and had lots of fun; but the important part of the story is that Max went down for his nap at 3pm and slept until 7:30am the next morning!!! I couldn’t believe it! There have been many times when he’s slept through supper and we’ve woken him up around 8 or 9 pm to eat. We put him right back into the bed and he sleeps all night. We’ve questioned whether we should wake him or not, but the few times we’ve not woken him he wakes up when we put Jack to bed…but goes back to sleep after a pb&j. This time he didn’t stir when we put Jack to bed. Poor tired boy!

He’s been in his big boy bed for a while now, but just three days ago he got out of his bed and opened his door in the morning…up until then he waited for me to go get him. 2 3/4 years of peace (?) is over in one fell swoop. Sigh. My boy’s growing up.

Jack has been strictly breastfed since we went to Cappadocia and he’s still sleeping through the night…he wakes up and goes back to sleep off and on from about 7-9am…and Tj held him this morning for another 45 minutes. That’s a long time since his previous meal which is usually at 9pm. Whoopee!

Well, we got orders yesterday…we should be leaving mid-November for Little Rock. The plan is to spend a week at his mom’s at Thanksgiving, and the week after at my mom’s. Hopefully by that time the truck will be in N.O. I have so much more to talk about but just no time. I really need to change over Jack’s clothes to the 3-6 month old stuff, and start packing our clothes for the time we’ll be living out of suitcases. This’ll be so much harder with two kids. Well, here goes.

I have no idea when I’ll get to blog about our Tarsus trip (not to mention Cappadocia) so here’s the email from Chappy as my reminder of where we went (I’m cleaning out my emails…finally responding to all the people who sent out ‘congratulations’ for Jack’s birth).

Please get the word out that I’m doing my last trip this Saturday.  We
will be taking one Mini bus that holds 25.  We will have others
following in POVs.  We will leave the alley at 0600.  gather in front of
Moonlight by 0545.  Bring lots of water and your own lunch.  We will not
stop for lunch.  NO open toe shoes.  On this trip you can wear shorts.


0600 –  Leave alley.


1.  Cilica Gates
2.  Roma Yolu
3.  St. Paul’s Well
4.  Archeological site
5.  Pastery shop
6.  Cleopatra Gate
7.  Nut shop
8.  Daniel site
9.  Roman Bath
10. Get back in vehicles
11. Donukatash
12. Justinian Bridge
13. If time permits — the water fall
14. Return to Incirlik by 1500/1600

This will be fun/fast/food on the go. Kids are welcomed but note that we
will be walking quite a bit.  Key is that we will see everything and you
will have time to take pictures.

ITT will make sure the gate is open at Donukatash.  Cool site.


v/r Chappy

I’ve been trying to work on Jack lately…he mostly looks right. But this last week he’s had his left hand in his mouth several times.

Max has used ‘probably’ in  a sentence about three times now…the last time he said something about ‘probably we can eat Daddy’s cake’…he’s really worried about that cake Tj got for the other office.

Jack’s screaming his head off in spite of the fact that I just lovingly wrapped him up and put him in his bed.
Max says ‘I can’t believe it!’
I said ‘I can’t believe it either!’
Max said ‘I can’t believe it either, too!’

Last night we were playing hide and go seek with Max. Tj said ‘Where’s Max?’ and Max said ‘I think I’m under the crib.’