Or not???

I didn’t think I said that often, but many times lately Max has been asking questions with that at the end. ‘Look at all those stars up there, Mama. Can I have them or not?’ ‘Mama, do you like Daddy’s gloves or not?’ Silly kid. He’s really coming into his own, now, and it’s not […]

Worn Out

A month or so ago there was a movie showing at the pool and Max and I went. It was The Little Mermaid…I didn’t go for the movie, but just to say I’d seen a movie at the pool…you know? Max really had a blast. I brought his floatie that has leg holes so I […]

Tarsus trip

I have no idea when I’ll get to blog about our Tarsus trip (not to mention Cappadocia) so here’s the email from Chappy as my reminder of where we went (I’m cleaning out my emails…finally responding to all the people who sent out ‘congratulations’ for Jack’s birth). Please get the word out that I’m doing […]


I’ve been trying to work on Jack lately…he mostly looks right. But this last week he’s had his left hand in his mouth several times. Max has used ‘probably’ inĀ  a sentence about three times now…the last time he said something about ‘probably we can eat Daddy’s cake’…he’s really worried about that cake Tj got […]

My Boys

Jack’s screaming his head off in spite of the fact that I just lovingly wrapped him up and put him in his bed. Max says ‘I can’t believe it!’ I said ‘I can’t believe it either!’ Max said ‘I can’t believe it either, too!’ Last night we were playing hide and go seek with Max. […]