August 2007

Last night when I said we were going home to have supper he said “That supper’s name is ice cream”. If only…

This morning playing by himself with the leggos he said “I’m so glad I made you this tunnel”.

Sunday I was tooling around the house and he came up to me with a leggo tower as a gift. It’s the first time he made something for me without anyone else prompting him (Sunday school teacher, Tj, etc.). Sweet boy!

There isn’t a meter sensitive enough to measure how little I care.

For the longest time since last Christmas Max has wanted to be Santa Claus. I don’t know exactly how it started…I think it was just his imagination…but when he’s putting his shirt on he gets it on his head, covering some or all of his face, and declares he’s Santa Claus. It’s really funny (especially the first thousand times) except when I’m in a hurry. But anyway…

This morning he was Santa Claus again. We were both getting dressed in my closet and I could see it coming, but then he covered up both of his eyes and started walking bearing gifts…right into my open door. Poor kid. As I picked him up I was trying to comprehend his blubbering…I could tell he wasn’t telling me he hurt his leg or head…but I couldn’t figure out what he was saying. Finally he calmed down enough to say “I dropped my presents”! Cause you’re not really Santa Claus without the presents, you know. So I kissed him and went and got his presents and gave them to me. Sweet kid.

On our way to the park this afternoon Max said to the many birds flying so near us “Come catch me, birds, come catch me!” with his little arm stuck up in the air. And a few minutes later he said to me “I not have one bird in my hand, Mama, right?”. He cracks me up with that…lately he’s been making a statement and asking Ted or me to back him up with a ‘right’.

He’s starting to lose his baby cry, I fear. I don’t think I’ll notice exactly when it’s gone, but he doesn’t always curl his little tongue up in his mouth when he cries…he’s growing up.