May 2007

We bought Max a swimming pool yesterday…he had so much fun! In and out tons of times, of course. During that time he saw a leaf fall from the orange tree. He stood under the tree and fussed at the leaves, telling them not to fall! Then he started throwing them up in the air back where they came from! Silly boy!

One of the bad things about living in such a tiny community is that I saw a cord cover in the store Monday but didn’t want it. After the cord cover that I had didn’t work out like I thought it should I went back to the store Friday to buy that one. It took at least 30 minutes to find someone who knew what I was talking about/knew where to look, and then 10 minutes later I was told that they’d sold out of that and wouldn’t be getting any more in. Whatever! I have no problems with foreigners (which is good since I am one, now), and am generally patient with people who don’t speak English well (after all, my Spanish isn’t that great, and my Turkish consists of only a few words)…but I keep forgetting that we’re not on an American base…this is a Turkish base and therefore Turks are the majority of people who work in the businesses on base. The problem with this is trying to explain a child-proof lock or a telephone cord cover to them takes a long time…and who ever has a long time when they’re shopping with a two-year-old?

I don’t really have that many complaints about life here, though. The only other one that comes to mind is the light switches that are sometimes inside the rooms they light and sometimes outside, and they’re always a foot from the door frame so when I reach for the light in my pitch black bathroom I generally hit the fan switch first.

Some things I love about living here: I’ve only seen two dead/dying roaches since moving in. Yea! Walking instead of driving is the norm…great for keeping in shape…but not for long…the heat was oppressive this morning on our way to church. We got some cheap carpet when we moved in…I’m just a wall-to-wall carpet girl. The carpet is kinda light brown…but because we paid so little I don’t have any worries about Max (or Tj or me, for that matter) spilling stuff on it. It’s so much better than Ga where I worried about the tan carpet we put in just before we moved in (and only a few months before Max was born).

One more thing before I get back to the laundry is that Friday when I was looking for that cord cover I kept saying ‘doggoneit, where is that thing?’ and every time I did Max would say ‘it’s ok Mama’. He’s said that several times over the weekend too when he hears that tone in my voice…sweetie.

I kept saying that our last move was the easiest…and part of the reason was I was much more laid back this move.

Some items I’ve unpacked which gave me pause:
downey ball with downey inside…didn’t leak
iron was packed with water inside…didn’t leak
forgot to take the batteries out of all Max’s toys that went into storage for two years…wonder how they’ll fare…
several aerosol cans were brought…paint included
some matches and household lighter were packed

Guess I have a few more items to put on my before-the-movers-come list.

I’ve finally found time to get to that stack of papers with bits and pieces of Max’s life…I’ve been meaning to blog them forever:

The week we arrived (Feb 11) Max started saying "oh goodness, Mama" instead of "bless you" whenever I sneezed. He’d repeat it until I said "thank you, Max".

The baby bed we had in the Hodja Hotel reminded me of those Russian orphanage beds…it was white metal with really tall sides.

Max started crying when we put him to bed the third night we got here. I think I couldn’t hear him because the walls were so thick so he thought we’d left him. It took us three more nights to convince him we stayed with him all night. I felt kinda bad that I’d been sleeping really well for so many hours at a time. Oh well.

The first time I went to the commissary for groceries I just grabbed 2 1/2-gallons of milk (in the paper carton, no less…our only option), one for us and one for Max. After I got back to the hotel I realized that they were both marked reduced! Even though the commissary is small I assumed that I’d been in the clearance section. I mentioned it to someone else here and they said that it’s just that we get a shipment of milk in every Thursday…so every carton of milk expires on the same day, a week later, so every Wednesday the milk is on it’s last day and is reduced! How crazy!

It seems so funny that we continually recognize commercials from when we were in Spain (02-04). We have a satellite that picks up Armed Forces Network.

Before we left Georgia a sonogram showed that Jack has echo genic foci…don’t really know how to phrase it or what it is, but the doctor wasn’t concerned at all. I just had another ultrasound last Friday and told them about it…everything looks good.

The dryer in the hotel took two hours to dry a regular load!!!! This dryer takes 45 minutes. It’s kinda funny, though. There are three heat settings, then a switch you pull back once for 45 minutes and twice for 90 minutes of drying time. That’s it!

Tj’s the "Safety Man" here on base…just calling him that makes me laugh. He came home during lunch one day and I was making pb&j for me and Max. He asked if I was using Peter Pan pb because he thought it was the brand that was contaminated…he quickly called his office and confirmed the brand with on of the guys there…how funny! It was a little hard to take him seriously after that. :-)

One good thing about this base is that we have a Baskin Robbins here, but a bad thing is that they have no malt!!!

Feb 22nd I was singing "What’ll I do?" to Max and when I got to the word ‘trouble’ in the song he looked up at me and said "I’m trouble, Mama".

That same day was the first time he told me he needed something…we were walking to the hospital and he said "I need my sunglasses, Mama, I NEED my sunglasses". It made me laugh that he always said it twice and always really emphasized the second need. Now he only says it once, but he uses it all day long.

Feb 7th he started calling me Pama just to tease me. When Tj came home and I told him that he called Max Bax so Max called Tj Tatty. Silly kid!

In the last couple of weeks he’s been saying ‘up-my-side-down’ for ‘upside down’. He doesn’t always get the usage right, but he’ll get there.

In Georgia he used to get in his car and come to me and say "wee-wise" (french fries)…he was playing drive-through. Heh. He doesn’t do that anymore…there are no drive-throughs on base of any kind.

When we first got here he used to say ‘ta-kit" for ketchup…I’d let him have a tiny bit to dip his fries in occasionally. Now he uses that for chocolate. Yesterday he told Foots (one of Tj’s guys) "I need ta-kit Mr. Foots".

When he first mentioned the guy calling the Muslims to prayer he kept saying that the guy was on the phone. I told him that he was just talking really loud…singing a prayer song. About a week ago he asked me to sing a prayer song as I was putting him to bed so I sang the doxology….he asks for it every nap and bedtime now. Sweet.