January 2007

Well, last week we thought there was no way we could get a moving company to come to our house with only one week’s notice. Now we realize just how wrong we were!!! Tj went down to Ft. McPherson (sp?) Monday because he realized that his orders (though they didn’t include Max and me) still authorized him to pack up the whole house. So now we’re moving!

This week we’re working on getting the house ready to be packed up and the car ready to ship. We should have our suitcases packed by Sunday night.

Sunday night (14th) we’ll drive Max to my cousin Becki’s house so he’ll be out of the way Monday when the first of the packers come.

Monday while Tj’s at the house with the movers I’ll go to my last doctor’s appointment and hopefully find out the sex of our baby!

Tuesday if the movers take too long I’ll drive the truck down myself to get it shipped off. Lori R has offered to keep Max this day.

Wednesday Kim W is keeping Max while the second set of movers come. After they leave we’ll move out of our house (they usually pack up the beds early on) and into a hotel.

Thursday Max has his 2-year appointment and then goes to a neighbor’s for the day. As soon as the movers are gone we’re driving down to Robins Air Force Base in Macon.

Friday Tj out-processes from the base and has his final eye appointment.

Sunday (21st) I’ll drive Tj to the airport and Max and I will head to Louisiana to stay with my sister. Tj will fly to Albuquerque for two weeks of training.

Two weeks later, Friday, Feb 2nd, Tj flies from Albuquerque to New Orleans.

Monday (Feb 5th) Tj, Max and I are leaving the country (providing our gov’t passports come through in time).

We depart New Orleans at 7:10 AM and
arrive Atlanta at 9:42 AM

We depart Atlanta at 10:30 AM and
arrive Baltimore Washington Int’l Airport at 12:21 PM

We depart Baltimore Washington Int’l Airport 9:50pm and
arrive Incirlik AB, Turkey 5:25pm

Up until yesterday morning I hadn’t been cleared to go right away with Tj. They weren’t sure they’d have a house for us. I was worried because if they kept me until April (when I’m 30 weeks pregnant) then they wouldn’t let me go over until the baby’s born (mid-June). Fortunately they’ve now cleared me to go.

Of course there’s still a snag. We all have to have official passports. We turned them in in November and they still haven’t come through. Tj was on the phone all day yesterday and then this morning when he called again the woman asked him ‘after you dropped off the passport applications where did they go? where did I send them???!!’ He’s trying to find out if we can just re-submit them and have it expedited. I’m praying that if this holds us up it’ll hold all three of us up…not just Tj. I really don’t want to fly all that way being pregnant and with Max. He’s not a bad kid but it’ll be a really long day and we’ll have enough luggage to last us a month or so.

As of now it seems like they’ll probably (hopefully) send me back mid-May to wait have the baby here. They do this because there aren’t ob facilities on the base in Turkey. I’ll fly back with Max to stay with my sister again and Tj will hopefully have three weeks off at the baby’s birth. Tj will go back with Max; the new baby and I will fly back when all the paperwork to take the baby out of the country is completed.

This was supposed to be an end of year post…but it got pushed to today. I’ve been scribbling down some things to post and can’t believe there are so many that I’ve missed! So anyway, here they are:

I’ve been working on getting Max to say ‘plane’ instead of ‘mane’ which sound a lot like his word for train. Yesterday while getting ready for Church I heard him say ‘puh- puh- airplane’. Silly kid!

Last week he really started saying the blessing all by himself ‘Thank you Jesus for our food. Amen’. For the last month or so I’ve had to remind him to say ‘thank you’ and ‘for’.

Last Friday morning after Max awoke but before Tj or I got up to get him we counted him saying ‘Christmas lights are on’ at least 22 times in a row!!! 22!!!

The week before last he was counting to ten with a little help. This week he counts to eleven with no help. When he could only count to three we’d ask him how many whatevers he had…he could correctly answer one, two or three; but if we asked him to count them he’d always count to three. He’ll still correctly answer up to three, but if asked to count he always counts to 11 now.

He can say all of his ABC’s if you hold up (or draw) the capital letter. Now he can sing more of the ABC’s…he starts at A most of the time…but it’s still hit or miss as to how many he actually says.

Last week he started saying ‘whar you?’. Every morning now I hear ‘Mama, whar you Mama?’ many, many times in a row from the monitor. Sweet baby. Today I noticed that he hasn’t pooped for at least the second day in a row and said something like ‘uh oh, no poop’ and he said ‘poop, whar you poop?’.

A couple of weeks ago he started saying ‘hmmmmm’ a lot. He wonders out loud where something is and then says ‘hmmmm’. It’s too funny.

He likes to sing to himself a good bit…he’s been doing this for maybe a month now.

Rachel spent the night with us the last time Tj was gone (to Albuquerque). I had to return her pillow a couple of days later. I knocked on her door and Max said ‘knock knock, come in’ and then when Rachel didn’t open the door after he repeated this a few times he told me ‘open the door, Mama, the keys’ and started reaching for my pocket! Smart boy!

Several months ago I noticed a scratch on the footboard of our sleigh bed. I felt sure I’d remember if I’d done it, but the damage was done so I just left it. A week or so ago Tj was looking at it closely and said it looked like teeth marks! Sure enough…they’re so small and closely spaced…I wonder who did that? Hmmmm…..