December 2006

I felt the baby move yesterday! I’m only 15.5 weeks along, but I’m sure of what I felt. Since my last visit to the ob I can feel where my uterus starts. I was wondering about this baby…I still am 13 pounds less than the day I found out I was pregnant so I was wondering if the baby was growing alright but then felt for my uterus two days ago and it’s much higher up than it was at the docs…obviously this baby is just completely different than Max.

Speaking of the little devil…he got into the baby powder yesterday! I’d been wondering if he would…and he did. I went to the bathroom in my room and left him in his room to play. As I was walking back I met him coming around the corner laughing and with the large bottle of powder completely upside-down running down the hallway. I yelled ‘No, Max, no don’t do that’ and the surprise of seeing me and me yelling caused him to burst into tears! Poor boy! :-) It was so funny I just started laughing and couldn’t say much but ‘It’s ok, baby’ but he just bawled. It wasn’t that hard to clean up and because he cried so much I didn’t say any more about it.

He counts to 10 all the time, and knows all of his letters. I just thought he’d learn all of those things much later. Who knows!

Max is 23 months and 1 day today. I only record this because as I was trying to figure out my tip today I said ‘sixteen’ and he said ‘seventeen, eighteen’!!!! I didn’t even know he knew those numbers!!! This crazy kid!

He sings his ABC’s from Q to the end…or all but about two of those. And he can count to 10, although he loves to say 1, 2, 3, 9 and wait for me to say 1, 2, 3, 4.

Don’t remember if I’ve blogged this yet, but a month or so ago I ‘chinked’ something with Max and now every once in a while he wants to ‘chink’ something of ours…shoes, slinkys, etc.

Another thing I may have missed is that maybe two months ago he started putting his drink to sleep. He lays it down and pets it and tells it ‘night night’.

We got Donna’s Christmas photo Tuesday. I asked Max who was in there and he got Donna, Matt and Alex, but then he said ‘girl’. After I asked him another time or two he answered ‘Becca’, and then ‘other Becca’ for Hannah. Silly kid!

Things are going along well here. We still have a lot of stressors, but several things have calmed down, too. We still haven’t sold the house, we still don’t have official paperwork on Turkey yet, but I’m getting solid sleep at night, I’m eating a little better and I’ve stopped losing weight. I’m now at my goal weight which totally cracks me up. It would be so great if I could lose back down to here after the baby comes, but I’m not holding my breath.

In about two months we’ve only had three people look at our house. Two of them have said they loved it but one found another house with a lake-side view, and the other wanted a bigger backyard. I’m glad that they did like the house…at least we’re not getting reports that we need to gut and redo the whole first floor, or something. I’m surprised at my optimism about our house. I’ve prayed and put it in God’s hands, but that usually doesn’t stop me from worrying. I don’t feel confident that it’ll sell before the movers come (which is what I’m praying for) but I’m not despairing of it ever selling or our having a double mortgage for ages. I realized yesterday that I should thank God for my optimism; it’s nice not to be too worried (though I am an accomplished worrier). It’s been a pain in the butt keeping the house neat as a pin for so long with so few people coming by, but that’s the way it goes.

Well, the big thing I have to blog about is Katy. I just don’t know what to think about that girl.
I called her to tell her I was pregnant and I called her when I found out we were going to Turkey and she hasn’t called me since. It’s been 10 weeks today since that first call and we haven’t spoken except those two times. I was pretty much over it all and figured that that was that. I was a little hurt, but I just kept telling myself that maybe she’d already said goodbye to me and didn’t want to do it again (as stupid as that sounds to me). But then I got my hair cut last Friday and Laurel (Katie introduced me to her) said that Katie was moving up north with Maddy so her family could take care of Maddy while Katie took some computer classes (don’t remember if she said what kind) so Katie could get a better job. Whose “best friend” moves away without telling them??? I was so hurt! My first reaction is just to want to hurt her back, but how sad is that?! What I really want is for her to call and give me some explanation that makes sense. But that’s not gonna happen. I think I’m about over it for good. I guess we’ll never talk to each other again. I’ve known for a while that she’d never call me once we moved away, but I can’t believe she cut me off at least four months before we moved! Obviously we weren’t on the same frequency about our friendship. Sigh.

Max fed himself his oatmeal with only one drop spilled today! What a big boy!

I’m feeling so much better now. I’m thirteen weeks pregnant today and have had three nights of sound sleep in a row…what a difference that makes! This pregnancy is definitely very different from Max’s. I really need to read back to get a true picture but I just don’t remember having such poor sleep back then. And I still am not eating full meals…I can only eat about (or a little less than) half of what I used to eat. Sometimes after I finish my meal I’m so thirsty but I can’t really drink then or I’ll be over-full. Crazy. This is how it’s easy to stay at my goal weight. I met my goal three or so weeks ago and without trying have stayed there since then. I hope from this point I only gain 25 lbs this pregnancy…I gained 30 with Max but I was already 12 lbs overweight. Sigh.

Ted’s off to school in Albuquerque this week. I’ve been dreading this for the last week because I’ve been feeling so crummy with the pregnancy and then I got a cold…but it’s going well. I think we’ll have a good time.

About a week ago Max sat at the table for a snack. He had a small bowl of dry cereal and pretzels. He told me it was oatmeal, and he used a pretzel for a spoon. He said it was hot and moved his hand around and put in some “milk”. Then he added some “ice” and stirred it up, blew on it and ate it. I didn’t know he’d be able to pretend at this age. I fix him oatmeal almost every morning mixing the oatmeal with milk and after cooking I add ice to cool it off. It was so fun to watch him playing. Silly boy.

Guess I’ve just gotta stop saying I’m getting back to blogging when it’s apparent I’m not. I just keep hoping that things’ll go along like they used to…but oh well.

We heard a week ago that we’re going to Turkey! I’d thought I’d prepared myself for any of the four options we put out there (Turkey, Illinois, Germany, Alaska) but when Tj told me we were going to Turkey I was really shocked. The first two days I was fully caught up in the scary/boring logistics of the move, but after that I’ve been able to get really excited. I really should blog about what’s gonna happen to the baby and all the loops our thinking has gone through so far but I’d rather blog that…

We saw the baby today! I had an internal ultrasound and saw that little heartbeat. It wasn’t very exciting…it was so fast and the only thing the doc pointed out to me was the heartbeat (he showed Tj and Gmom where the baby’s head was). But it was still pretty cool to see actual proof of a baby. Sweet.