October 2006

I just can’t believe it! I’m really in shock. I’d been praying if this wasn’t the right time (especially with the unknown move right around the corner) that it just not happen…I’m really ready to wait. But I took a test this morn (four days early) and it came back positive. Very quickly. I really don’t believe it. I’d bought a two-pack test and after lunch I took the second and it’s as clear as the first. I remember with Max the test was so faint we weren’t sure it was a positive…but there’s no doubt here.

I go tomorrow to confirm and get my referral. Now that it’s real I just keep thinking about all the spit-up and clothes changes, poop, breastfeeding. All of it. I’m so excited and at the same time not ready at all.

I think Tj’s as much in shock as I am.

In other news Saturday we took Max to the subdivision’s Fall Festival. The pool’s covered but not blocked off. Just after Tj and I finished a discussion where I said the cover must be able to hold people…if not the subdivision would surely block it off with all of the kids/teenagers there…they don’t want a lawsuit, etc. Max tore around and ran right out on the cover! I was calling/yelling for him to stop but couldn’t reach him in time! Monkey!!! He fell down about three feet from the edge but I just stopped at the edge trying to figure out what to do. Some man (I feel bad that I have no idea who he is or even what he looks like) passing by told me it would hold my weight. I put one foot halfway out to Max and drug him to the edge by his leg. Silly kid. His whole front was soaked as was my one foot. We obviously need to work on him coming when called.

I must’ve written those words a hundred times since he’s been around, but it’s truer every time! His little legs aren’t baby-soft anymore. He’s just as soft as he used to be but below the knee on the outsides of his legs his skin’s getting rougher.

He’s also started pairing words. My favorites are “yea Mama!” which he uses often. He also says ‘hi Mama’ and ‘bye bye Mama’, but almost never (and never when Tj’s around) either of those with Daddy. Rebellious kid! He’s said a few times ‘no pingu’ when he wanted more pingu…or whatever he wanted more of. It won’t be too long before he really knows how to ask.

He and I eat oatmeal almost every morning now, and I let him feed himself every time we’re not planning on going out right away. He does a great job.

My baby’s growing up.

Max has begun putting two words together today! I asked Tj to take him up for his nap and Max said "bye bye Mama" as cool as you please…like he’s been doing it all along. Silly boy.

Oh, how I hate writing! I think I just have so much to write about and so little time to write…and I let myself get overwhelmed about it all. I really need to renew my commitment to write a little every night.

Tj’s been sick since we got back from our cruise on the 22nd. Max has been a little bit different, but then I realized he’s cutting at least two teeth. Ohhh…so that’s why he’s been in bed for over 12 hours each night for the last three nights! I got an ulcer under my tongue that brushed against my teeth every time I talked or chewed…so I lost the 9 pounds I gained on the (2-week) cruise. All I could eat the first four days we came back was grits and malts. For the dieting value alone I wouldn’t mind having that ulcer again, but it was so frustrating to almost not be able to talk. To say without moving my tongue “Max, don’t stand on the arm of the couch”! I finally just had to relax my parenting for a few days…he even had graham crackers and milk for one whole meal. I’m sure he was lovin’ life.

He’s so different now. He began really changing a couple of months before this cruise, but I’m getting used to it a little now. He can now just say ‘no’, instead of what he did before we left which was always yell it or demand it. I’m not so adamant about him only telling me ‘no, please’ since he’s a little bit nicer about it now. Yesterday Tj told him to go play with his toys and he said ‘nah’. Heh heh.

Saturday he learned how to open doors! Tj was napping so Max and I were in his room playing. I said we should go wake up daddy and Max just went and opened the door like he’d been doing it all along! He doesn’t do it all the time, but I’m sure it won’t be long. I went out that day to get a knob-cover for the door that leads to the garage…Donna says I’ll probably need one for the pantry, too.

Well, I think it’s too early to think I’m pregnant. I’m pretty laid back about it this time. I think I’d be fine if I knew I wouldn’t get pregnant for another 4 months or so…but it’s this not-knowing, and having to think about what I eat/what medicines I take that makes me think about it all the time. Not like I take a ton of meds, or eat tons of fish, but I do think about it every time I eat tuna or shrimp…should I look up the guidelines again for how much I should eat if pregnant? I hope I am but would be just fine if I’m not. We’ll see.