September 2006

I think I might be pregnant! It’s way too early to say, of course, but I’m feeling some tugs in my lower abdomen. Wouldn’t that be exciting!

Of course I’m a little torn, about everything. I want to be pregnant, but then our move is coming up and we don’t know where. Our choices are Illinois, Turkey, Alaska and Germany. I’d like Germany but Tj wants Alaska (he’s been to Germany before). The biggest problem is if we’re assigned to Turkey…I’m not sure Tj could be with me when the baby’s born…so that throws stuff off. Also, I’m torn about telling people I think I’m pregnant. I don’t want to tell T ’cause it took her so long to get preg with her second one, I don’t want to tell K ’cause I’m not sure how she’d feel, and I don’t think J would be happy enough for me. Mostly, though, I don’t want to tell people and be wrong about it. So I guess I’ll just post it and try not to think about it too much!