June 2006

Well, I’m feeling kinda down. Tj’s been gone for a week and it seems Katie’s deserted me. She left last Friday to go visit her sister who’d had an emergency appendectomy. I finally called Craig Thursday to see when she expected to return…and she’d gotten in two full days before! She returned Tuesday night and I called her Thursday night! I just don’t understand her. I know she hadn’t seen her husband for five whole days, and I’m sure she was tired from the two two-hour flights and the time change, but c’mon! She can’t call just to say she’s gotten back and is holing up for the rest of the week???! I’m trying not to have my feelings hurt for several reasons: so she didn’t call, it’s no big deal; she was jet-lagged and lost track of time; it just seems petty; etc. But I guess the biggest reason I’m trying not to feel hurt is that I can’t do anything about it. I love her and love spending time with her, and I don’t want to give up what we have just because SHE NEVER CALLS ME! We’re probably only gonna be here one more year, and girlfriends like her just don’t come around that often. So I guess I’ll mope around here for a few days and then call her and see if she wants to get together. I just wish there was some non-confrontational way to tell her how much that hurts. Guess I just need to grow up.