May 2006

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged…I’ve been feeling the relief of just not blogging, but the guilt of not capturing Max’s every moment. I should blog about our trip to Vegas, and lots of other stuff…but I’m gonna try to just take this one day at a time. So, here’s today:

Max woke up around 9am. I put a clean diaper and clean clothes on him and we went to Aunt Katie’s. All of us loaded up in my truck and we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. I couldn’t believe we stayed there two hours! The kids did have fun on the playground, though. Then we went to the organic foods store…I wanted to go to a produce store but I don’t think Katie realized that’s what I was looking for.

We talked a ton on our way home and both kids fell asleep…we stayed in the car talking till Maddy woke up. I took Max home but I’m not sure he ever went back to sleep in his crib. I brought him to Katie’s at 3pm and brought clothes to Tj at the base and we went bowling! The (extremely) sad thing is that now my hip’s sore! I’m an old woman! We went to Books.a.Million and Home Depot and then to pick up Max…and now we’re home. Gonna read a few blogs and then hit the hay…I’m beat!

Oh, I almost forgot to add…at the produce store I saw that Max had cut another tooth without me even noticing! He has 4 upper and two lower, and recently cut 2 upper molars and the left lower molar, but at the same time must’ve been cutting the left bottom front tooth! Poor baby…no wonder why last week he was only awake for two hours at a time and each nap was three hours!

Also, Maddy’s been sitting on the potty! Katie’s seen no action yet, but Maddy knows when she poops in her diaper! I think Max is still oblivious.