April 2006

Tj woke me up this morning asking if we could drive to NJ! He’s not on the schedule for anything this week so he went in and asked for leave…and got it. Max is napping, we’ve just finished lunch and I’m about to go put all the clothes in a bag. Now I have a legitimate reason for not blogging!

Have I mentioned yet that I hate writing? Well, I do. I can’t stand it. I dread writing in my blog for days at a time, especially when it’s been days since I’ve written. I have gotten into modes where I blog often, and I do enjoy it. But that hasn’t happened often, and they’re so much more easily gotten out of than in to. However, if I want to read about Max’s childhood then I guess I have to write about it, huh?

He’s so much fun. I know I’ve said this a hundred times this year already…he’s just so much fun now! He started saying Mama today…not sure if it’s gonna take, but it’s a start. Maddy’s been saying it for a few weeks now, Katie says.

Craig went to the ER Saturday night. I’d asked Tj if he’d keep Max from the time I put him down for his first nap (lately 11am) until after supper and he said fine. Around 4pm Tj called me to say that Katie was on her way to our house…he’d agreed to keep Maddy while Katie went to the ER to stay with Craig. After I finished up at Michael’s I went home to help Tj with the kids. After supper I drove to the hospital with a bag full of stuff to help pass the time while they ran tests on Craig. He got a MRI, X-ray and ultrasound, and they want him to see a neurologist this week. Fortunately they’ve ruled out scary stuff like a stroke (which is what the doc thought he might have) and MS. We’re keeping them in our prayers, obviously. Maddy was asleep by the time I left the hospital and we’d already told Katie we’d keep her overnight. Poor family.

Not much else is going on around here. I did manage to stick to the meal plan last week…not that it was that detailed…I just picked out four meals (main and side dishes) and had all the ingredients for them on hand. I did forget to get salad makings on my big grocery run so had to go back for that…hopefully I’ll be more successful this week.

Max had his 15-month checkup last Friday and everything was great. He was 50% weight at 25lb 3oz, 20% height at 30″ and 97% head circumference. Heh heh heh. He’s such a healthy kid…we’re very blessed.

I’ve kept up with my quiet time every day for two weeks straight, now. Hopefully I’m not jinxing it by typing this!

Mon Mon has decided not to move back to her house. She’s going to stay with us until she gets better or something. We’re really glad about this. When you want to talk to her just call my number…and when you want to talk to me, you can call my number & talk to her, too! She’s pretty well recovered from the knee surgery, doing a little cooking & a little cleaning, some reading & word puzzles, so I guess pretty much back to normal…only now she’s doing it across the road (from where she’d lived since 1942!). Love you all, m

It’s a little scary around here lately…almost everything but my blog is caught up!

At least since the new year laundry has been really hanging over my head. I’ve been trying to do laundry like I’ve always done it…all of it once a week. Since January it’s taken me more than one day to do it all! We’re only a family of three…and Max just doesn’t wear that many clothes. Several times I’ve caught myself thinking that I just didn’t understand how it could take me so long since Max hasn’t added that much to our laundry…and then I’d remember that it’s just the time. I now spend so much time with him and it shows by taking me so long to wrap the laundry up. I balked for several weeks at doing a load a day, and at buying a laundry sorter, but then I decided to get some extra wire trashcans I had in the garage and use them as my sorter to see how it worked…and I loved it! Instead of sorting all the clothes on the floor in the hall and leaving them there for a few days until I could finish the wash I could now move them into the laundry room until I finished…I’d never thought about being able to do that before! To make a long story short (and who wants to talk this much about laundry, anyway?!) I bought a laundry sorter (I went all out and got a rolling one with a hanging rod at the top!) and have realized that I don’t have to do a load a day…but since it’s already all sorted I can just do one when I need to without a lot of prep work. Yea!

I’ve been behind on my Bible reading since Katie came to stay with me at the end of January. Every time I read I’d read three-day’s-worth to try to catch up…but I still missed some days, too. I finally caught up day before yesterday! Ah, what a good feeling that is!

My email had also been bogging me down since Katie’s visit…but I’ve finally gotten that down to a manageable number too.

The other thing that makes me feel so good lately is that this week I’ve really fed my family well. We’ve had at least one vegetable with lunch/supper not counting the salad we’ve eaten at each lunch/supper. I’ve also used food I’ve had on hand instead of what I usually do…which is get a hankerin’ for something and then go buy whatever I need to complete the meal…ignoring whatever I’ve already got in my pantry. Also, I’ve bought a bunch of apples and bananas and everytime I’ve wanted a snack I’ve had one of them. Yesterday I made a menu for next week and a grocery list and I’ve already bought all my groceries for the week. I’d like to say I’m gonna behave this grown-up from here on out, but I know myself too well. I hope I can stick with this, at least for the majority of the time. I’m sure there would be several positives for our family if I did (I’m sure our Wal-Mart bill would go down if I limited myself to once a week…) so I’m gonna give it a try. I guess Max getting older (but still napping twice a day) has made it harder for me to get out of the house for all the errands/shopping I’m used to.

Heh heh, I just had a thought…I have had more time to myself this week since my bf Katie’s out in Nevada visiting her family! I actually told her I’d get a lot done while she was gone…I guess I was right!

Back to the boy, though…
Papa and Uncle Jack were here a couple of weeks ago. They got in Sunday the 2nd at about 5pm from Kel’s (they’d been up there helping her lay a brick patio) and left Tuesday morning. They fixed our icemaker (yea yea!) and just hung out here. While they were here Max buckled himself into his high-chair all by himself!!!! For a while I’d been putting the buckle together but letting him click it himself. This morning I just gave him the two pieces and he put the one inside the other and clicked it himself! I’m surprised that he hasn’t done that every single time since then (will I never learn? :-) but he has done it several times.

That weekend we brought Max up to Kel’s for the weekend and we went and got a hotel room in Knoxville. Pure heaven! Tj initially asked me to be in charge of planning the whole weekend so I started looking up things to do there…but then he mentiond just bringing a stack of dvd’s and hanging out in the room all day…my personal favorite choice! So that’s what we did. We needed to see the whole 5th season of Sopranos, anyway. :-) Sunday morning we walked around a neat little square and had lunch there, and then picked Max up.

Kel said he was great, and she’d fed him a pb&j sandwich. I’d fed him pb sandwiches before, but he had his first pb&j at Aunt Kel’s. Since then I’ve given them to him several times and he loves them. He can eat a fold-over of that in addition to lots of other stuff for one meal! What an appetite!

Well, I’d better go get him out of his crib and get ready for the Easter egg hunt at the church today.

I’ve had these emails forever…apparently I just need to blog them and be done with it.

From Tj February 17: I’m 20/20 in my right eye but 20/40 in the left (compared to 20/30 and 20/50 9 days ago). If I took my time and guessed a little I could probably get through 20/30 on the left side, but 20/20 is so blurry it’s not worth the drive.

From Mom about Lee Arceneaux’s 1992 gumbo recipe: Thought you might like to have it for posterity! When I started making this in the early 90s I know the ingredients cost about $25; no idea what it costs now.