March 2006

Well, not too much goes on here lately but the day-to-day…so I haven’t been updating like I’d like to.

Max is walking so much now…he hardly ever crawls anymore. The ladies in the nursery at MOPS are sad about that. They’re so funny and fun.

The other day he was walking in the foyer and I asked him if he wanted a drink. He turned around and started walking towards me. He had his hammer in one hand and his screwdriver in the other. He threw down the screwdriver and (still walking) started shaking the hammer like it was stuck to him and he couldn’t get it off! It cracked me up so much, but then he finally transferred it to the other hand and threw it down! I guess that one hand just wouldn’t let things go! Silly boy!

He’s eating just like a big boy now. I make a big cheese or cheese and egg sandwich and cut it up into fingers and keep it in the fridge…he eats on it for a few days. Yesterday Gmom and I took Max to El Nopal’s and I ordered him a child’s plate even though I thought he’d never finish it. Boy, was I surprised! He ate a whole quesadilla (one flour tortilla with cheese) and a large serving of refried beans and some of the rice. He’d have eaten all of the rice except he’d pooped while we were eating and it stunk so badly! I had to get him out of there before they asked us to leave!

Gmom came in yesterday morning and is here until tomorrow afternoon. It’s a terribly short trip, but she’s going back to have both of her knees replaced the last day of this month. I think she’s loving watching Max walking around. Little Stinkpot!

Oh, our boy is walking. I know I said that in the last post, and I tried to say it a new way…but he’s not walking tons yet, and he’s not walking all over…he’s just beginning to walk. He took his first steps a month or more ago, but last Thursday I could just tell that he’d turned the corner…he wanted to walk. It shows now, but it’ll still be a little while before he walks more than he crawls. Gmom is coming in next weekend…I can’t wait to see her face when he walks up to her in the airport! :

He’s eating big-boy food like there’s no tomorrow, too! I made myself a tuna fish sandwich with pepper-jack cheese and lettuce Friday, I guess, and got him a jar of babyfood out. He started fussing when he saw the jar. Up until now I’ve really just wanted him to eat what I tell him…after all, I am the mama! But I finally relented and figured if he wanted to eat what I eat then he has to try everything. I cut off about half an inch all down the right side of my sandwich and held it up to his mouth and he ate the whole thing by taking bites off of it! Big boy!

Man, I had such a great time on our get-away last weekend! I’ve never been to anything like this where there was so much Bible reading/praying and reflection. My eyes have really been opening lately to living differently. The girls at my Church really pray and (the bigger thing) they really wait for God to answer. I’m used to praying a lot, but then I go about my life figuring that if God wants something different he’ll close a door or change the circumstances. These girls really wait and expect an answer. I haven’t figured out all of the nuances but there are just great big differences between the people I’ve been around and these people. Everyone seems so sincere…I’m glad to be here.

Our boy walked today! I can’t believe it! He’s been taking steps for a while now…maybe a month, but those were only one or two at a time. Today he took six or seven! Today is the beginning. Our boy is growing up so quickly.

I’m leaving tomorrow for my MOPS weekend away. When it came down to it Tj doesn’t have to work so Kel won’t have to keep Max. I’ll miss my boys, but I’ll have a lot of fun, too.

Well, I need to get to bed…gotta do all the wash tomorrow, including changing out Max’s clothes for 18-month ones, and must do all the homework for the trip.

I fed Max some apple crunch today and said ‘apple’ and he repeated it! Kinda like ‘ap-oh’, but it was apple!!!

We were in the play-pen today, he was on my lap and we were looking at a book with three squeaky buttons. I kept pressing them but he couldn’t get enough force to make them squeak. Finally he grabbed my thumb and moved it to the button he wanted to squeak. Smart boy!

After he ate a full supper tonight I baked some chicken and he wanted some of that too. He was eating and looking up at the lights and kept pointing to them, so I kept saying ‘light’. Finally he stuck his tongue between his teeth and made a very good ‘L’ sound! He’s getting so big!

He pretty much tells people ‘hi’ and waves at them, but more often than not he does this after the person has given up and walked away.

This morning Tj went to get Max up but realized after it was too late that Max was almost falling asleep in his crib. Tj laid him out on the changing table and took his pj’s off and his belly was so warm that Tj started rubbing it…and Max fell asleep for a second or so! Little lizard.

Wow! Blogging two days in a row!
Well, we sold Tj’s baby today…his BMW. Such a sad day. I feel badly for him, but he felt like we needed to do it. Our checking account has been going downhill since about August of last year, so taking this payment (and cutting the insc payment in half) seemed like the best thing for him to do. We sold it at Carmax and bought a Honda Accord for him there. I know he’ll miss his baby.