January 2006

I knew I wasn’t gonna be here on his birthday, but I do feel bad about not blogging that day. We had a great trip to La, though. I’d planned on feeding Max like a baby (in other words cereal bottles every two or three hours…though he hasn’t had a bottle in a few weeks). That didn’t work as well as last time. We didn’t stop to feed him, but he fussed more this time than last time. It was a good trip overall. We recently bought the complete chronicles of Narnia on CD…31 hours!!! We listened all the way there and back and only got through the first two books…I’m almost sad we don’t have any other long trips planned now.

One thing that surprised me this trip is when I went to change Max at the first gas station he was scared. His carseat was in the middle seat so I only had one seat to lay him on, but the floor was full to the seat height. He was lying slanted and the seats are leather so he was kinda slipping, so that may be what scared him. I hoped he would be ok the next time I changed him but he was still scared. Hopefully he’ll get over this…poor kiddo.

We drove down Wednesday the 18th and Tj’s mom flew in the next day. She got in a few minutes early so we didn’t even park the car…she saw us and there was a mad dash of Tj pausing in the handicap space, throwing in her bag, me moving Max’s stuff off of the floor and Gmom jumping in the car and then we were off.

We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Gonzales. It was Tj’s choice (of the limited options in Gonzales) and I was sad after we got there that my meal wasn’t that good. I like CB but he almost never wants to go…it almost seemed like a waste.

I had Gmom’s whole visit planned out by the meal, and we only skipped one! Thursday night Mom kept Max and the boys and Jo, Ted, Tj, Gmom and I went to TJ Ribs…wonderful as always.

This was the first time that our parents met. I didn’t have any qualms about it, but Gmom was nervous as always. I knew that all parties would behave like adults…so what was there to worry about?

Friday morning we had king cake for breakfast; met Mom at her work and showed Gmom her office and then went to Albasha’s for lunch (Max loves Greek Lebanese food); and had Leader’s fish for supper.

We had the party Friday night…the one time I felt strongly about celebrating an event on its actual date. Ronnie and Wendy were out of town, as were A Donna and Linda. Mark and his two, Sam and his gang, U Rex and Momee, Mom and Papa, Gmom, Jo and her group and the three of us were the party. After everyone arrived we sang “Happy Birthday” to Max…I think he was a little nervous listening to all of us…his eyes were a little wide. I blew out the candle with the other kid’s help. He had his own cake, and loved it! The first thing he did was stick his little fat hand in the blue icing and then grab his ear…I heard Mom gasp out loud…heh heh heh. I didn’t get to really watch the cake part, I was serving cake and ice cream with Jo to everyone else. Tj says he made it down to the cake.

After everyone ate (but me ) we moved into Jo’s living room and the presents. Tj had tons of help (six cousins under the age of eight) so I’m not sure if Max actually opened any of his presents. I did get to watch this part, but you know how it goes. After it was all over and I was eating my cake and ice cream I was thinking that Tj would be a little annoyed that all of the adults just stood around and talked to each other instead of watching Max open his presents. I know it’s funny, but it was surprising to me when I then realized that Ted and I were the only ones who really wanted to watch Max do that…heh heh heh. How naive parents can be, huh? I hadn’t really thought about it, but I just assumed that we’d all go watch Max. I told this to Mom and we had a good laugh. In the end everyone had a good time.

Saturday morning we’d planned on going to the Coffee house for beignets, but then Jo said she would make galettes. After we got up that morning, though, she opted to make bacon, biscuits and hash browns. We still did a great job of following my menu. For lunch she and I drove to Anthony’s and brought a muffoletta home. And supper was seafood at Val’s.

Sunday morning we got up early and brought Gmom to the airport. Mom told us the quickest route out of the city, but we decided to follow 10 around to see the damage. It’s amazing that so long after the hurricanes there’s so much visible damage left. It’s horrible to imagine the masses of people whose lives have been forever changed.

We had a good drive back…Max faced forward the whole trip. I’d thought if it was easier we might turn him around again and I’d sit in the back (I did that most of the trip down…Tj didn’t like it) but he did ok.

Tj had to work that Monday and then Max and I took him to the airport Tuesday morning. I was supposed to wait around and see if his bags were overweight but I forgot. A mile down the road Tj called me back; they’d changed the weight limit and he had to leave me a few things. Then he hoofed it to his gate and saw a sign saying the gate was changed. He hoofed it to the new gate and was told there that he was supposed to be at the old gate…the new gate was for the next flight! He did make it in the end, thankfully.

Max and I had a couple of days with the whole house to ourselves…it was wonderful because Leslie came Wednesday so by 2pm that day the whole house was clean. There’s just nothing like that feeling…I love it when my whole house is clean…I revel in that feeling.

I went to pick up Katie (my niece) in Chattanooga Friday evening. Kel and Eric are in Hawaii so Katie’ll be here until a week from tomorrow.

Well, I have more to blog but I need some peace and quiet…’cause Lord knows I don’t get any during the day!

Well, we have a biter on our hands. He has never bitten in anger, and he hasn’t bitten any other kids, but he’s starting to bite a lot. Saturday night he bit me so hard that the marks were still there Sunday morning! Tj says the same thing has happened to him, too. I think he’s just too young to understand, although we do tap his cheek with our finger and tell him ‘no bite’ or ‘don’t bite’…and you should see his face!!! It’s so funny; but so sad, too. He just scrunches it up so much and leaves it like that for at least 10 seconds and then starts to cry. Poor silly boy.

Our boy is doing sign language!!! Yea!!!! After six months of us doing it I think he really has the hang of it. Every meal since that one Thursday night we ask him if he’s hungry and then he does the sign. This morning was the first time he did it unprovoked…of course it was after his breakfast and a snack…now that he knows how to say it he’s saying it all the time! I think he got the eating gene from both of his parents, poor kid!

Well, I’m coming to terms with not blogging so much. I’m tired of always feeling so guilty for not getting in here more often to write…but I never professed to like writing. In fact I hate writing. I think I said so in my first post. What I do like is dredging up memories and reading journals. I love hearing stories from my parents and grandparents childhood…and I’d like to be able to have some stories to pass on to my children. I think I’ve done a good job of recording Max’s childhood so far, so I think I need to stop feeling guilty for being so sporadic. The thing that really annoys me is that I know it wouldn’t be hard to get in here and blog just short things as they happen, but I’m such a procrastinator that I jot stuff down on slips of paper with the date and what he did and then I have to blog so much at once. Oh well.

So, looking at all my scraps of paper here’s what I have to blog about:

Max had a fever again. What really surprised me was that he could have a kinda high fever while he was taking antibiotics. I guess I foolishly believed that the antibiotics would kill all the bacteria (viruses?) etc that might be attacking his little system. What could’ve given him a fever on the 5th day of a 10 day cycle of antibiotics? I guess it could’ve just been teething. Who knows? We missed church because of it, though. I’m glad he’s feeling better now.

Oh, here’s one I’d completely forgotten…in NJ at Thanksgiving Gmom saw Max with both hands full of Cheerios and on all fours bend down and eat cereal off the floor! The boy had so much cereal already but he wasn’t gonna let that one Cheerio get away!

I keep seeing this list in my inbox of foods that Max was eating…I have Aug 29 written at the top, but I’m not sure that’s the date I wrote the list. It’s funny to me to remember a time when I could write on a slip of paper what he ate…now we feed him everything! We went out to eat the other night and fed him fried catfish, crawfish and shrimp…and that boy devoured every bite! He loves cornbread (which I’m not crazy about), pizza, French fries, everything! Lest you think we only feed him junk those foods make up less than 1% of what he eats, but he does love the fried foods…I was feeding him some fried mushrooms the other day and every time after I put a bit in his mouth he would just laugh! It was so funny…he was having a blast. Anyway…here’s the list from last August: turkey, green beans, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet peas, potatoes, apples, bananas, rice, oatmeal, mixed grains cereal, grape juice, chicken, prunes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, tomato paste and onion powder (I was reading all the jars of babyfood as I fed them to him and was surprised at how often onion powder showed up!). Last August those were the only foods my baby had ingested (not counting breastmilk). That boy’s come a long way!

Speaking of foods, and prunes in particular, we’ve been giving him prune juice in every meal since his second month. At Thanksgiving because we were away from home and out of our routine I gave him practically none. Since then I’ve only given him prune juice in about three meals! I don’t think he’s completely cured, but he’s so much better. I wonder what made the change?

We were so excited last night when Tj asked Max if he was hungry and he made a motion on his chest similar to ours! I think we started doing sign language to him at 6-months and it’s taken this long to see anything! It cracks me up that he learns stuff I have no idea of teaching him with no problem, but the stuff I work with him on takes 6 months or more! The whole patty-cake thing happened so fast…I think Gmom played patty-cake several times one weekend when she was here, and the next week he clapped all by himself. I don’t know where but he’s been saying “uh-oh” a lot lately. Gmom and Tj heard him one night right around Christmas. He mostly says it after throwing a toy down and that makes me laugh so hard…it’s like he’s saying “uh-oh I accidentally threw that toy down!” Crazy boy! But we’ve been working on Mama and Dada for a while…and that hard-headed boy still calls me Dada! And he laughs at me when he does it too! I sure am saving up a bunch of whippins to give him when he’s older.

Speaking of whippings…this kid has such a temper! It’s so funny now, but it makes me so sad because I know it’s gonna get him in big trouble later. I have such a bad temper and I fight it so much now, I hate to think of him having to fight his too. I don’t laugh in front of him now, but it’s so hard not too. Today was the worst…once he’d run his walking toy into the wall and couldn’t go any farther and he just stood there screaming! And the other thing I noticed today was when he couldn’t open a book because he was sitting on it and he screamed so loud and long! I don’t really know how to work with him on that now since he’s so young…I just tell him no in a stern voice…I’ve got my work cut out for me, though.

We just felt Max’s sixth tooth! Mom saw that the fifth had broken through the skin when she was here. No idea when it actually happened…