August 2005

Well, so much has happened. So much time has passed, once again. The highlights include:

Aug 4 We picked up my new Honda Pilot and gave Mrs. Deb our Toyota!

Aug 9-16 Ally flew here on her buddy pass (from Mach). We had such a great time! (In spite of the fact that she got sick and threw up too! If it weren’t for the fact that Jo came and stayed a week w/o getting sick I’d be pretty paranoid.)

Aug 11-14 Kel and Kate came to stay with us too!

Aug 14 Max had his first full-blown fever. It was only 100.7, but he was extremely lethargic and slept all morning. We gave him Tylenol in the afternoon but by then his fever was going down and he was pretty-much back to normal.

Aug 15 Max sat up for 10-15 minutes all by himself!

Aug 16 He played shy with a woman at the mall. He bent his head down and smiled at her while looking at her out of the corner of his eyes.

Well, we’re leaving tomorrow for Robbins to get Tj’s physical done and to write our wills and set up a guardian for Max. We’ll be back Tuesday night.