July 2005

Well, it’s now been almost three weeks since I’ve blogged…but, boy, have I been busy!

July 10-14 Jo and boys were here

July 15 We drove to Louisiana…two adults, three 7.5 year olds and a 6-month-old.

July 16-21 Max and I were in La without Tj

July 22 and 23 Tj flew in and went to the big shin-dig on Saturday

July 24 Tj flew the three of us back to Ga. We loaded up the car and on our way home we stopped at Zaxby’s for salads. While there my good friend Jan called to ask if they could spend the night at our house! Of course we said yes.

July 25 Jan, her husband and three kids left. Later that night I came down with food poisoning…or something. Fun.

July 26 I lay in bed all day grateful that I wasn’t throwing up anymore.

July 28 I took Max to the ped’s and found out that he’s only gained 5 ounces in 2 months…looks like my mom is right…I must not be feeding him enough! Ugh!

July 29 We started hearing yesterday that Tj’s Mom, her sister and two kids may not be able to drive down here like they’ve been planning for more than a month. We’ve started saying we’ll probably drive up there. That sounds fine as long as I don’t actually think about what driving 14+ hours will be like, not counting the 6-month-old and his paraphernalia.

Well, I guess I’m just gonna end with that right now; I’ll fill in the blanks as soon as I can. And considering that my MIL will be here at 10pm tonight…if I don’t do it before then who knows when I’ll get to it…’cause five days after she leaves my sister will be here for a week! Whew!

She’s had her week at her in-law’s and is staying with me for a week! Yipee! We had steaks and fries last night for supper and I made fruit tart this morning for breakfast. I’ve got lots more good/bad things for us to eat this week, too.

Of course this means I’ll be blogging even less than usual…if that’s possible. Speaking of which, I blogged this sometime last week and hadn’t gotten around to posting it:

In reading over my blog I see that I haven’t blogged about our trip to NC yet (among a million other things I’ve missed, ugh). The biggest thing to note is that on the 17th when Mom and Papa got here she showed me that Max is now holding up his hands for me to pick him up! I’ve been excited about that day coming, but I guess I haven’t been waiting long enough to see him do it. It’s so sweet, too. Anyone who comes over to him and puts their hands out will soon see my little boy turn to them and hold his arms out.

Just a day or two ago Tj held his arms out to Max and Max laughed and turned away! And then yesterday he did it to me! I don’t think he fully understands that he’s tricking us, but he understands enough!

We’re planning on touring a plane tomorrow with Tj. One day we’ll have lunch in Chattanooga with Jo’s girlfriend, and then on Friday we’ll leave for Mom’s.

Well, they’re downstairs doing schoolwork and I’m supposed to be folding clothes so I’d better get.

Another week gone…where did the time go?

We had a great time at Six Flags. We left Max at Yvonne’s house at 9am. I was feeling like I’d forgotten something, but then I always feel that way when we’re leaving the house for any length of time. When we got back out on the road Tj turned away from the interstate so I asked him why he was going that way. His answer: A vacation day should start out with some vacation breakfast…so we went to Mickey D’s. If only he’d told me that earlier I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast and I could’ve eaten a bacon egg and cheese biscuit!

When we were 20 minutes away I slathered on a layer of sunscreen. We got there at 10:20 which was great. It hardly took us any time to get in the park. We bought the ‘Q-Bot’ which is the equivalent of Disney’s FastPass and were impressed with how little we stood in line…until we calculated that in seven hours inside the park we rode about 9 rides. Now that’s really great if you’ve ever been to a major theme park. But it sounds really crazy if you just look at the time and remember that none of the rides are over two minutes long! We did have a sit-down lunch which we’d not planned on doing; all in all we had a terrific day.

We did miss Max, but we had a great time without him, too. I called Yvonne once, but her phone was busy so I didn’t call back. When we picked him up she said that he was a great baby. Yea!