June 2005

I’m so excited…not so much for Six Flags as for the fact that it’ll be the first day we spend almost entirely without Max! I know I’m gonna miss that little rascal, but we’re gonna have a good time, too. It’ll be like when we were dating!

Tj told me ages ago that Six Flags was giving AF members free admission this coming Thursday and I marked it in my calendar. But you know, that calendar can be a dangerous tool…I’ve recently realized that I have to get better about checking my calendar more often. So much time had passed since he first mentioned Six Flags and I hadn’t done anything about finding a babysitter for Max. Finally a couple of days ago I wrote an email to everyone in our Sunday School class stating I was looking. That night I got a call from another mother in our class who offered to keep him all day! Yipee! We’ll drop him off that morning between 8:30 and 9am, and pick him up between 6 and 7pm. That’s a lot of hours without my boy.

I’m planning on just bringing the juice/formula to her house instead of pumping enough to last him the day. I have no intention of stopping breast feeding, but I love the freedom of not having to pump! I always hated pumping…I don’t know why. Oh, except for that weekend that I had that horrible sinus infection…way back then pumping was easier than fussing with feeding Max myself. But for the longest time now breast feeding Max has been far easier than anything else. Beside the fact that I love doing it and being able to do it too.

Back to the calendar…I’d taken Max to our playgroup last Tuesday morning and stopped off at the store afterwards. Tj called me before I got out of the car so I was looking something up in my calendar as I sat there on the phone with him. I was so surprised to find that I had a pediatrician appointment scheduled that day! I was there in the car at 11am and the appointment was for 2pm…I had enough time, but he shouldn’t have needed an appointment then! I quickly got off the phone with Tj and called the doctor’s office. Yep, I’d scheduled an appointment for the wrong month! The scheduling nurse changed the appointment for me, but boy, that was close! I’d better be on my best behavior from now on!

Man, another two weeks have gone by…I just can’t get over how time flies! It’s funny, too; it’s not like I feel that Max is growing by leaps and bounds and my time with him flies…in fact it seems like we’ve had him for years. But I’ve really been accomplishing things in the house this week, but no matter how much I do there’s always tons more I want to get done. I said this to Tj last night and wished aloud that he could just take Max somewhere for three days so I could finish getting the pictures up and things in order. Then he said he’d be happy to do it! He has enough accumulated vacation days that he wouldn’t mind taking three of them for me! I may take him up on his offer.

We’ve been having a great week, in spite of the lack of time. I’m sorry to note that it seems like I’m more likely to blog about the bad than the good sometimes. I wrote the entry ‘Mad Max’ a couple of days after his worst day. When I called Mom she suggested that it might just be hormones. I never had any post-partum blues and she thought this might just be some backlash of hormones. Boy was she right! I found out Tuesday why I had been so upset. Ever since then, though, things have been back on their even keel. Even though a lot of it was my hormones I think some of it was Max being hungry at night.

We’ve had great success with the cereal for the last week…I guess he took his first bottle smoothly last Friday (the 17th). I think the problem had been that the cereal wasn’t sweet enough with water which I tried first…and after that he didn’t want to try it with breast milk or prune juice (both of which he’s taken from the bottle for several months). Another part of the problem was probably that I made the cereal too runny and gave it to him with the bigger nipple…I think he was choking on it. I’ve since started mixing it about 1tbs cereal to 1oz liquid…and the liquid is half apple juice half water. Bec suggested the apple juice and I’ve read somewhere about cutting juices with water because they have so much sugar in them. Since I started making the cereal like that he’s sucked it down without stopping. And I’ve even fed him formula with that mixture, too.

I’ve always said that he would never turn food down, so I haven’t cut out a feeding, I’ve just added cereal on to his last meal of the day. The first time I made it for him I made two ounces. He drained that without batting an eye, so I made another two ounces. Ditto. I made him two more, and now I cut him off at six ounces of cereal a night. I just wonder how much he would eat if I offered him as much as he wanted. I wonder sometimes if I should do that. I made a bottle of formula for him the other day when we had to leave before his second feeding and he drank all nine ounces without stopping.

Sunday night he cried a lot so he slept really well that night. He still was waking me at 5am or so for his first feeding, but Monday morning I slept until 6:30am! When I got up I saw that he was awake, just talking quietly in his crib. I finally got him at 7am and fed him. Since then I’ve been making him wait to eat. Tuesday morning he ate at 5:45, Wednesday at 6:10 and Friday at 7am! He seems pretty regular but today he did regress a bit. I heard him at 5am but I didn’t go to him…he only cried softly for a minute or two. At 6am I heard him again and turned off the monitor to let Tj sleep…I went into the guest room to see if Max was serious. He got quiet again for about twenty minutes or so, but then he cried out again so he ate a little early this morning.

A funny side effect of the cereal is a new poop. Yea! At first the mixture I gave him was three ounces of apple juice, a tablespoon and a half of prune juice and then enough water to make six ounces and six tablespoons of cereal. This magic formula produces poop as black as ink! And it’s also as runny as water! I just thought his breast milk poop was runny…this stuff soaks into his diaper as soon as it comes out, and it just drips off his little butt! It also gives him a little bit of diaper rash (Tj says it’s the acid in the apple juice) so I put diaper cream on him, but I’m starting to use petroleum jelly preventatively. All in all we’re doing great.

Max turned over from back to front for the first time last night! I went to B’s birthday party at Bec’s house and put Max down in Bec’s room when he started falling asleep. Of course then he wanted nothing to do with sleep and just cried. I let him cry while I ate my salad and then when I went to check on him he was on his belly! I guess I can’t leave him just lying around anymore.

Oh, I guess I should have blogged that when he first started turning over consistently he also started scooting. He doesn’t move too far, but sometimes he’s a foot or two from where he started.

I hate to say it, but my boy is driving me crazy! He used to be such a happy baby but he’s so whiney and cry-y now…I just don’t know what to do. I used to be able to put him down while I showered or dressed; now he lets me know the whole time that he’s not happy. And I thought he’d gone back to sleeping through the night, but in the last week or two he’s woken up before 5am two or three times.

Mom had suggested a time or two that perhaps Max was not getting enough to eat, but since he stops crying when I pick him up during the day I thought that that couldn’t be the case…this was also why I thought his crying couldn’t be put down to teething. But last Friday (when this post was actually started) at about 3am when Max was crying again I thought maybe he’s hungry. I called Mom later that day and she said that that’s what she’d thought for a while but didn’t want to push me. I really had to laugh…when she suggested it I dismissed it pretty quickly. But when I thought it up ‘all by myself’ it was like a revelation!

Mom suggested that I breastfeed and then give him a bottle of formula and let him drink until he’d had enough. At first he drank ok, but he did shake his head a lot; he got an ounce and a half down before quitting. At the next meal he wouldn’t take any formula. That night I tried cereal mixed with tap water, cereal with breast milk and cereal with prune juice…I don’t think any of it made it down his throat. Now he doesn’t even want to take prune juice or breast milk out of a bottle! He’s been having breast milk from a bottle since week two and prune juice since two months! Ugh! I’m really frustrated with it/him. I keep telling myself to calm down…he’s just a baby…he doesn’t know any better. I know all of this is true but it’s hard to remember when he’s refusing to eat like he used to. Apparently God is trying to teach me patience…I’m sure I’m gonna need it as he gets older.

I called Mom this morning and asked her to pray for me. And at Sunday School I mentioned that Max and I were butting heads. Alicia hugged me afterwards and said that I should bring Max by and she’d keep him for me. I told her not to offer unless she really meant it and she said she did…so I’m dropping him off there this Tuesday! I’ve been wanting Tj to keep him for me one afternoon or evening but he’s been working every day and his drill weekend was last weekend, this weekend he took a motorcycle safety class and next weekend my folks will be here; so I’m really excited about having a few hours to myself the day after tomorrow.

Our boy is a turning over wiz!!! I was fixing supper Saturday and Tj had Max on his belly on the living room floor. Max was working hard to turn over…his little butt was up in the air and his feet were going to town. It took him a little while to get it that time, but each succeeding time came faster. In the first ten minutes he turned over about seven times! Now we can’t keep him on his belly!

It’s so sweet to see him work so hard…he’s learning so much, my little boy.

We went out to eat with Lynn and Ted and their two kids Friday night. Monday morning Lynn called me and said that her daughter has Foot and Mouth Disease and that Max has been exposed. He’s been really fussy in the evenings lately, but I don’t think it’s related to that…I think he’s just getting fussy. I wish I could say it was a tooth coming in but I see no change in his gums.

Anyway, Bec was supposed to come by on Monday with her kids but I called her up and told her about the Foot and Mouth and she decided to skip it…her kids have had it and she doesn’t feel like going through that again…apparently it’s pretty contagious. B is having his birthday party this Saturday so if Max is still looking good we’ll drive up there and see them then. Tj has already signed up for a motorcycle safety class so I’ll be doing the drive by myself.