May 2005

The other day while outside talking to Donna she mentioned that she’d called the homeowner’s association to report one of our neighbors for not mowing their grass. Yes, their grass was getting tall…but turning them in? We thought that was a little extreme.

We went to NJ for four days, and then to LA for six days with one day in-between…all in all we were gone through two weekends. When we got back Donna walked over and told me that Matt had cut the grass while we were gone. She didn’t want us to think that some strange person had been messing with our yard while we were gone and worry…it was just them! And she didn’t want “someone” to turn us in to the homeowner’s association for not mowing it.

I like having them as neighbors…they keep an eye on our house when we’re gone and check up on me when Tj’s out of town. However, this is just too much. I kinda wanted to say something to her, but they’re nice people…and I certainly don’t want to have a strained relationship with the people we’ll be living across the street from for the next couple of years. (Especially since she’s so observant about when we’re out of town.)

The State Placement Game

Better than I expected!

Score: 92%
Average Error: 17 miles
Time: 358 seconds
46 perfect out of 50 turns

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Man, Wednesday could hardly have been any worse…and I’m only saying this ’cause Wednesday is days ago…I didn’t want to jinx myself by saying it then.

Since we’ve been home from NJ and LA I’ve just felt kinda yucky…I think the biggest problem is that I haven’t really straightened up the house since then. Every morning I would clean up the same areas and then something would come up (I’d have to go somewhere or Max would be fussy) and then before I could really get back to it Tj would come home and I never did anything really productive with the house after he got home. I’ve just had this big messy house hanging over my head for almost two weeks.

The biggest mess is where I was working on the pillows for our bed. I’d pulled out the sewing machine and had the recliner all covered in pillows. It was just such an eyesore when you walked in the house. I also had the ironing board set up in front of the TV…not what I want to see all of the time.

So that’s the background. Wednesday was just another day I’d planned to get all of that cleaned up but never managed to. I went that morning to visit Lynn…she had some boy clothes she was getting rid of and said I could come pick through them. The first annoying thing was I left for her house without the library books I’d been meaning to return. I had a great time at her house and got home around noon.

Max was sleeping so I put him (still strapped in his car seat) in the dining room and called my neighbor to see if I could run over for a second. (While we were gone to NJ our neighbor mowed our grass [which is a whole other story for another day], and I wanted to bring them a little present to say ‘thanks’.) When I drove into our driveway I noticed two boys at another neighbor’s house, and a few minutes later I saw those boys at another house. I normally don’t lock the garage door but because I saw them I locked it. I left our house through the front door and as the door shut I realized that I’d not turned the lock to make sure I could get back in. Yes. I locked myself out of the house, and my four-month-old inside! So…I walked over to Donna’s and said “This is a thank you for mowing our grass while we were gone. I’m gonna go check to see if our sliding door is open and if not can I wait in your house till Tj comes to unlock my house for me, please?” She laughed, and of course said yes.

Fortunately that was the worst thing that happened that day. Max never woke up and Tj wasn’t flying…so he was home in 30 minutes or so.

Other highlights of my day: I’d offered to bring dinner to a sick family from our Sunday School. I realized an hour before I needed to leave that I didn’t have any spaghetti to cook to go along with the sauce I’d already cooked. I drove to (what I thought was) Publix and decided to use some coupons I had. They were for things I had no intention of paying full price for…kinda splurges. As I was checking out the girl told me they were Publix coupons and I was at Kroger. Then she asked for my Kroger card, I usually just give her my phone number for her to look it up because I never remember to bring my card in…I was so flustered about the coupons that I couldn’t remember my phone number! I had tears in my eyes…I just wanted to get out of there! I finally got home and cooked the spaghetti and then as I was draining it I dropped it in the sink! It was just overall such a bad day.

I’m so glad it’s over!

All went well today…of course I forgot to ask some things, but that’s just how it goes.

He weighed 14 lbs 8 oz (50th percentile), was 24 ¼ inches long (50th percentile) and his head circumference is 17 inches (she told me that was the 75th percentile, but wrote 50th percentile on my paper).

I stopped giving Max prune juice the 9th (about 2 ½ weeks ago), I’ve charted his poop since then. At the beginning everything was ok; he was pooping about twice a week. When I mentioned this to the ped he said that as long as the stool wasn’t hard that he would be ok, but that the maximum we could let him go without pooping was 5 days.

I forgot to tell the ped that he’d had another cold…but it was so slight…I don’t think he really needed to know. The ped also said that Max needs more belly-time. He set Max on his belly and Max started making a face…he’s been doing better on his belly since we came back from LA, though.

He asked me if I’d started Max on anything other than breast milk and I haven’t yet. Max is healthy and still sleeping a great amount…I don’t think he needs anything else right now.

It’s amazing to me now…it seemed like I would be tied to Max this closely forever. It’s only been four months and already if I want him to eat more/different foods he’s about ready! I’ve had such a struggle with realizing that I’m just not the same size anymore…I’ve gone up a dress size, and I’ve had to buy all new shirts, too! Somehow I never expected that. I guess I just never thought about not being able to button my old shirts. And since we want him to have only breast milk if I don’t pump a lot then I can only leave Max for four hours at a time. Now I know that that’s a lot of time to those people whose babies eat every two to three hours…but I’ve never been this tied down before.

And another thing that’s amazing to me is how much I want to be free now that I’m tied down. I’ve always been such a home-body, but I’ve always been able to go anywhere I wanted to go. Also, I’ve always dreamed about the wonderful bond I’d have while breastfeeding…how I’d gaze into my baby’s eyes the entire time and never be able to get enough of it. I do love it, but sometimes I just want to spend all day by myself. I guess that’s how dreams always are…never exactly what you thought they’d be. I’m really glad I’ve been able to give so much to Max…I don’t regret it at all…I just feel differently than I thought I would. I’m not wishing these days away.

You’d think that with Max sleeping that much I’d have plenty of time to blog…but we’ve been crazy lately!

We flew up to New Jersey Thursday before last (the 5th). As Tj was walking out of work his boss asked him if he could go to Abilene for a week…leaving as soon as he came back. So we flew back to Atlanta the following Monday (the 9th). Tj had enough time to come to Max’s pediatric cardiologist appointment Tuesday morning and then he flew out around 4pm. I finished up the wash and packed a week’s worth of stuff for Max and me and the next morning after he ate (at 3:30am!) we drove outta here at 5:20am (the 11th). We spent half a week there with my family and then drove back the next Monday (the 16th).

I usually get home from a trip and then blog about the trip for awhile and then post the whole blog…but we see that that doesn’t work since I still haven’t posted anything from our Disney trip. So I’ll just do this piecemeal…as I remember incidents and feel like blogging.

Because Tj had to work all day the day we flew to NJ I packed up our stuff and drove down to the base, picked Tj up and then headed to the airport. We decided to park at a park-n-fly and this worked out really well. We got to the airport pretty early (as planned) so we ate at a nice restaurant there. I think we did pretty well with the amount of bags we brought…the carseat in a bag with extra diapers/wipes/Max’s sleep pillows, the large red duffle for Tj and me, the diaper bag which is a backpack, and my purse. We didn’t bring a stroller so we brought the snugli. Tj carried Max the whole time on the way up…I kept offering but he really wanted to hold him. We checked in all of our bags before we went to eat so we didn’t have anywhere to put Max! Oops! Tj took him off but left him in the snugli and we propped him up in the booth between the back of the seat and the diaper bag. Too funny.

Max did extremely well on both flights. We made sure to have something for him to suck on while taking off and landing, but I’m not sure either of those times bothered him. I packed a bottle for his first flight but planned on nursing on the way back.

Well, I think I hear the pizza guy so that’s it for now.